I want to f*** my wife's best friend

My wife and I have not had s** in a few years. She had some medical problems that prohibited it, so I've been very patient and understanding. Now she just has a mental block and can't seem to get past it. I've suggested we or just she go to counseling to get out of the rut, but she insists she can get over the hurdle herself. But she hasn't, and there has been very little attempt that I know of. She and her best friend tell each other everything, so I also happen to know that the friend and her boyfriend of several years almost never have s**, much to her disappointment. I don't know the reason, but he's just not that interested. I made the joke to my wife that the solution seems obvious. She laughed, and it became a running joke between us. Then I found out she told her friend that we joke about it, and then all three of us were in on the joke. I'm not sure if the boyfriend is aware. I know I'm not entirely joking. I would absolutely get on that (with everyone else's consent). But I'm not sure how to feel out to what extent the women are just joking. Now I want it to happen so badly. I've convinced myself that on some level they have considered the possibility of it happening. I can hardly handle being around her. Every time she comes over, I think this is it. If she has tight pants and a low cut shirt, I assume it's for me. I can barely look at her or talk to her. She jokingly flirts we me. Yesterday she asked me how her t*** looked in her sweater. I said they look fantastic. She said she gets wet when I compliment her. Then we all had a good laugh. When I was done laughing, I went to the bathroom to j*******. I think I could accept going the rest of my life without having s** with my wife if I could f*** her friend just once.

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  • F*** her, bruh. Go for it. She wants it.

  • Have a coffee with her and tell her one of my friends has this problem what is your opinion about that.

  • You're a real idiot. She's gave you the opportunity & you just blew it! What more can I say?

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