I had s** with my stepbrother

Let me start from the beginning. My stepbrother is 13 and I am 14 and we had s**. You are probably thinking to yourself OMG!!! you are so young. And yes we are young. I thought that s** should be something that you should just get over with like its some big secret or something. Lets say you are waiting for this big birthday present that your parents are telling you is so great and awesome and you just want to get the present and stop waiting. Thats what I thought about s**. Well last night me and my brother had unprotected s**. It wasnt romantic. It was quiet, weird, and a little painful. For a couple of months we have just been innocent and touching. It was like that for a while then last weekend he tried to have s** and I made sure we didnt. Then this weekend we did have s**. I had to be quiet because my best friend (who liked the dude) was in the bed next to me. It kind of hurt a little. It didnt feel good like I thought it would. It is told in books, movies, anything really that it feels good but it doesnt well at least not that time. I also thought once that I wasnt a virgin that I would feel different but I dont. I feel the exact same just a little bit dirtier. I also feel like I cant tell anyone. I cant tell my best friend, my parents, no one. I feel so alone. We also werent protected. I didnt even think of using a condom. But right after I did. I couldnt sleep. I was thinking what if I am pregnant with my stepbrothers kid!?!?!? I mean my parents would disown me and I would lose my bestfriend. I have tried so far to take some DIY pregnancy tests the sugar test didnt work the sugar didnt clump. But the bleach did well kind of. It sort of bubbled up a little bit but not much. Anyway just to make the matter worst. I have a boyfriend. We have only been together for a couple of days but still. I feel so bad and so alone. I have no clue what to do. What if I am pregnant and I lose my dad, my best friend, and my boyfriend. I regret having s** with my stepbrother :'(.


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  • "You are a victim" ???? What the f*** are talking about? They both the same age and they both consented. He is no more to blame than she is. They're both f****** stupid, but neither are victims. Get a f****** clue before you talk bullshit.

  • You need to take a pregnancy test. Quick. A real one. From the store. That DIY s*** will never work. And you need to tell your parents. Trust me they will not disown you. If you do turn out to be pregnant, you really need their support. They love you and yes you will definitely shock and appall them with this weird relationship but they love you. You are the most important thing to them. If your friend leaves you for this than she isn't a real friend. You are a victim. You need to end this relationship with your brother. You seem like a sweet girl. Good luck.

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