B***** mattress

The facts are clear about actual blood lose when a young women loses her virginity. There typically is some slight b***** discharge after s** but not always. Sometimes the b***** discharge happens long after the fact. When I was in high school and college I had s** with virgins a few times. I remember one girl running to the bathroom right after s** and freaking out about a little blood in the toilet. On another ocassion another young lady complained that there wasn't any blood at all. My point is , not all virgins bleed and when they do it typically isn't tramatic. When I was 28 and working in Santa Barbara inlivednin a condo near the beach. Those were good days as I was still single, made a lot of money and had plenty of hot women in my life. I had a neighbor who had a teenage daughter that was in her senior year of high school. Her name was Meagan and she was very mature for her age. Not only intellectually but physically. She was an early bloomer and if you didn't know her age you would have guessed she was in her twenties. She had the biggest , firmest t*** you have ever laid your eyes on. Every guy , young and old had the best time watching her sun bath or walking around in her shorts and tank top. Long legs , perfect ass , blonde hair , green eyes , full lips and tight athletic body. I was friendly with her mom so by default I was friendly with Meagan as well. I could tell she was crushing on me by the way she went out of her way to talk to me, giving me the classic body laungage but I thought she was too young. To be honest I never asked her age. She would stop by unannounced and hang out with me from time to time. All I could do was fantasize about that body and the things I would do. From time to time our community would have parties. We had a common area with full facilities and sometimes things would get crazy. I hooked up with a lot of women at those gatherings. One Friday night we had such a party. I was feeling really good after a few drinks and had chatted up a couple of women. Meagan was there and she soon found me. I know she was too young but this was California in the early nineties and no one cared about under aged drinking or some soft drugs. We drank a few beers , talked and laughed. Pretty soon I was feeling tired and told her I was going back to my place. Yeah, she said , this party is getting kind of lame. Can I tag along? Sure, i said. We got back to my place , turned on the television and sat on the couch. She was wearing some very short shorts and a green tank top with no bra. I was pretty buzzed and she caught me gazing at her amazing rack. Laughing she said, their fairly big, don't you think? I really didn't hear her but then I was snapped back to reality. Meagan , I'm sorry. You must think I'm an old perv, I said. She slid over to me and said, no, I don't think your old. Her hands found the back of my head and she pulled into her face. Her kiss was like fresh strawberries and her hot tounge like cinnamon. I resisted at first but after a few seconds got into it. We kissed deeply as my hands ran all over her body. She straddled my lap as the kissing continued. She pulled back from me and took off her tank top. Her t*** were perfection. I dove into them with my face . I squeezed them together as I sucked and lightly bit each perfect nipple. She was moaning and grinding against my rapidly growing c***. Before I knew what was happening both of us were tearing off our clothes as we ran to the bed. Naked , we fell together kissing and writhing. I was so swept away by the passion I didn't stop to think about a condom or her age, I just wanted that P****. Before either of us changed our minds I pinned her to the bed , climbed on top and rubbed my c******* against that young c***. Breathlessly she was moaning as I entered her. It was so wet with barely any hair as I pushed into her. She screamed as the pain caught her off guard . She was so tight . Slowly I pumped into her. Oh god, oh god , she whispered in my ear. Within seconds I was giving her my whole seven inches. My c*** was thick and swollen with l***. She moaned so loud as I slowly f***** her yong p****. I should have realized what was happening by the way her body didn't know what to do. I never figured a girl that seemed so much older with a body like hers to be a virgin. We f***** hard for about 15 minutes and then I blew my load inside her. She squealed in delight as she could feel my hot c** fill her. We both orgasimed together. I lay on top of her , holding her tight as our climax subsided. My d*** was still hard laying inside her as i enjoyed her soft tight p**** contracting uncontroably for several minutes. We kissed and touched each other softly for awhile then i rolled off of her and collapsed on the bed. Both of us were out of breath enjoying the stench of s** in the air. That was amazing, I said. O my god , I never thought it would be like that, she said excitedly. I looked at her and said, what? She coyly looked at me and asked me not to be mad. I'm not mad, i said nervously. This was, was my first time, almost embarrassed. I sat up and said , you've got to be kidding. You should have told me, I would have been more gentle. She said she was fine and that it was really amazing. Suddenly I noticed that there was a dark spot on the sheet I was under were my d*** was. I pulled back the sheet to see blood on the underside of the sheet and on my d***. I then pulled back the sheet over her and rolled her to the side. There was a puddle of blood under her ass. Her eyes got big as she jumped out of bed. Blood was still dripping from her s*****. Oh s***!! She said, I'm so sorry. I just told her it was fine and to jump in the shower. I swear to god there was a pool of blood in my bed. I just there admiring my handy work. Wow! I thought , I really f***** the life out of her. I rolled the sheets up off the mattress and when i did i saw the blood had soaked into the matteress. She came out the bathroom and she was mortified by the sight. We sat and talked afterward and I set her at ease. I threw the sheets away, cleaned the mattress as best i could and life went on. Meagan and i f***** again a few times after that until she left for college. I kept that mattress until I got engaged. As my fiancé and i were packing my condo we moved the mattress and she saw the blood stain. Did you murder someone? She asked . I told her the story of Meagan and the mattress found its new home in the dumpster.

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