Muslim baby f******

America has too many Muslims in this country. Muslims do atrocities such as murder but there is yet another crime these horrible people commit. They f*** children. Little girls. They would f*** boys too if they didn't have the death penalty for gay s**.

In Ayatolla Khomeini's Little green book it says its ok for little girls to give hand jobs, oral s**, and thighing type s** to their husbands. When they reach age nine they are ready for regular p**** v***** sexual intercourse.

Khomeini's worshipped as a prophet in Iran. His book is a best seller in that country and in other parts of the middle east.

I have this to say. THATS SICK. DAMN M************ SICK.

Islam has no place in the free world.

Oct 9, 2016

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  • Beautiful, soft littlehand rubbing yourcock, soft, warm, wet, tiny mouth sucking it nothing wrong with that, andnine is ready forvaginal

  • I once had a dog, a very flatulent dog. That means he had gas. One day he f.arted so loud he woke himself up, whipping his head around wildly, and he's so worked up he bit his own tail. Did he have the sense to let go? No! He goes running around in circles til he got dizzy, his head on the stove, and knocked himself out. Your post has led me to believe that I have found his reincarnated spirit at last. Still barking about nothing all day. Come here Scraps, you ignorant old dog! Now go fetch my slippers. That's a good idiot.

  • Muslims detest dogs.

  • You have study about islam so that u can realise that islam never gave the right of child s**, or small girls :) Islam gave the respect for women. Islam is totally a peace full religion. Voilant people are not belong to any religion they are just terrorist or extremists :(

  • I get tired of hearing peaceful 109 verses calling Muslims to war with non believers is burka giving respect to women? Women can't do anything without a man in some of these countries.....

  • You know nothing! Don't be a sheep to the media, assumptions and stereotypes! Read fool, read! Only through direct knowledge and truth, you will comprehend fully!

    You won't learn anything, through conformity of societal prejudices and stereotypes. Be an individual thinker, not a follower of ignorance and conformity

  • I agree with you completely, but a Muslim should not call a non-Muslim a fool. That is not Islamic, my brother.

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