First c** swallow

Even when I was a teen I knew I was gay. I had a freind that I grew up with who was an alpha male type so naturally I was attracted to him. You know how teen boys are, always talking about s** and showing off their d****. My freind used to always walk around naked when we spent the night at his house. Little did he realize that I liked boys so I liked being at his house. We were the same age but he was bigger , stronger and more built than myself. We always looked at his dads playboys and sometimes when the lights when out he would j*** off under the sheets. One night we were laying in the dark and I felt the familiar vibrating of the bed as he pulled on his c***. I sat up and stared at him in the dimly lit room. He suddenly realized that I was watching him and he stopped. He pulled back the sheets to reveal his impressive c*** and said, wanna watch? My heart raced and my c*** began to get hard under the sheets. Sure , i amswered. He stroked his c*** slowly and I watched how it twitched as he got to the c*** head. As he continued he began to explain how it felt to have a b******. I couldn't stop looking at his d*** , I know I was drooling. Have you ever had a b******? I asked. No , not yet, he replied . Then how do you know what it feels like? I asked. He then told me that an older cousin had told him about it. Nervously I asked , do you want one? What? He said , you want to suck my d***. Before I could answer he asked, have you ever sucked a d***? My voice was shaking when i answered , no. Ok he said, go ahead and suck it. I leaned forward until I could smell his musk but then I stopped. My face was mere inches from his c*** but I couldn't do it. He kept stroking his d*** ad said , just put it in your mouth. Without thinking I took his c******* into my mouth but pulled back as I felt his precum on my lips. I hadn't thought about that. He was breathing heavily as he stroked his c*** harder. Do it again , I won't c**, he said. I put his c******* back in my mouth and sealed my lips arond it. He began to thrust his hips in and out of my mouth and I could feel his swollen c*** near the back of my throat. S*** , oh s***, he said as his body went rigid and his hand firmly pushed my head down. The eruption was strange . I felt a super hot stream squirt into my mouth. It was a throbbing , spurting sensation that I tried to get away from. But he had his strong hand against the back of my head and his body convulsed uncomtrolably . He was trying to be quiet and whispered , f*** , oh f*** as spurt after spurt trickled down my throat. I quickly relaxed and sucked his seed as the sound of my gulping filled the room. After a few minutes he released my head but i stayed down on him and even wrapped my hand around his shaft and sucked his c***. My head bobbed up and down as I acted like a c*** sucking pro. When I felt his c*** go limp i laid back down on the bed. C** smeared my lips and I could still feel his sperm sliding down my throat. He laughed and said, holy s***, that was amazing ! Whispering his praise. You gotta feel that, its awesome. He said as he slid his head under the sheet . I felt his hot ,soft mouth engulf my hard d*** and he started sucking me off. He was tight. It did feel awesome . He sucked my d*** quickly and it took no time for me to c**. The feeling overwhelmed me and my body twitched as my c** pumped out of my body and into his mouth. His tounge swirled my c******* as the last spurt went down his throat. Eventually he and I went on the have a*** s** . We spent many nights pleasing each other over the next couple of years. Nothing like the first time.

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