P**** full of c**

My friend had been dating a girl that wasnt to much of a looker and couldnt figure why he wanted to be with her because she really wasnt like the girls we hung around look wise. They had a toxic relationship and have domestic fights some i broke up. She was a crazy b**** but was loyal and did everything for him and sucked his d*** whenever he asked. This attracted me because i had women issues in trust and i couldnt understand why he treated her like s***. He didnt have a phone sometimes so she would call him on my phone when she was coming to get him. One day he got drunk and when i texted him to hangout on her phone because he didnt have one, she started making small talk with me. After a while we were texting regularly when he was at work or even when he was hanging out with me. It was not sexual just conversation. He had started to act funny toward me maybe he felt it idk but he wasnt queit my friend but she would text me and we even made a secret code to make sure he wasnt around. We started hanging out just me and her but always felt akward to make a move. I managed to ask her the 3rd time for a kiss and was denied and she left quickly to pick him up for work. I was confused beacuse why would she go to great lengths to keep out hanging out a secret if she didnt want to fool around? A couple weeks went by and i was invited by my friend to come drink at his girls house, i was too eager to go because i would see her and get to flirt secretly with her which madd it more exciting. We got really drunk and i could hear him in the kitchen yelling at her for something stupid, me being drunk i jump up and confront him, he did not like it and pushes me i stumble over a dog and the dog attacks me biting my arms it was her dog and in the mess of everything bites her to. Him coming to he apologized so much he was sorry we chalk it up to being drunk and end up going back to drinking. I pass out for a hour or so to wake up to the police in the house hauling him away. He had started in on her when i passed out and the neighbors called the police. I asked what happend and she explained. We talked about our dog bites she had one on her butt which she showed me casually twice i was turn on at the site of her ass because she had a camo thong wrapped around a cute bubble butt. I did not make a move because of previous rejection. She tolk me home and he was calling accusing her of sleeping with me. After that day he hated me and made it hard for her to call or text me for a few months, i did not care because id become better friends with his gf. He had went to court and got a few months for his built up domestics. She was under his thumb until the last month she was lonely i was surprised she didnt call me sooner, she told me she hates sleeping alone and i offer to hold her as a joke not knowing she was serious. She made her way over late at night in sweats and a tshirt me in bball shorts. We spooned but i could not keep my erection down and it went striaght in the crease of her ass .i was embarrassed and pulled away as she says "o wow" i take as a sign and try to rub her p**** but she keeps stopping me i super confused and asked why she came? It disarmed her and she says "fine" and spreads her legs buf she couldn't believe what she was doing. I get over her rubbing her p**** threw her sweats feeling them soak up, she told me i was huge as i pull her sweats of and rub her threw the underware then remove them to by this time im overly excited from the puddle coming out and the wrongness plus the small p**** hole she had, i take my d*** out and slide in thd c** is gushing out from her and she whining from the c*** filling her i had to go slow plus shes a screamer!! She cant believe this as it was hard for me to believe also. We left her bottoms of and proceed to spooning. I wake up a hour later as she is waking up we kiss and my p**** gets hard between her cheeks i probe he p**** with my d*** looking for her hole she tels me no before she could finish i slid it in because her was were already lubricated and im hitting it sideways and it was feeling so good i came between her ass cheeks, she said i did that on purpose and we laughed and slept like babies lol. The next night she came over and rode me with her drippy p**** it smelled soo good. The next day i got to thinking and felt guilty i didnt want my ex finding out and killing my chances of getting back with her not to mention the exfriend finding out. I ignored her the next couple week she texted and begged for more and she loved when i did her doggy position. I remaind to ignore her. He was released a couple weeks later, before he left he bugged her phone to the point he could pull up deleted text he found the text begging for it and was p***** threating to kill me which p***** me off so i arranged a date with her to see her. My thoughts was to send her back pregnant as a last f*** you to him. I saved my c** for a week. We were prone to getting caught so by chance she anwsered his call on accident because he was calling back to back he heard up talking and knew my voice. He was p***** blowing up both phones now. She looked at me and said,"so youre not got to f*** me now?" . i said your crazy and pulled off her jeans her p**** was nice and hot it was hard for me to stick it in the hole seemed smaller... I working it until i could then blew my week old c** into her guts as far as i could i did not want her to know so i kept going until i soften up. She said did u c** in me i lied and said no, she said wow you get me soo wet. In the mist off the passion she kick over a glass of water so she got down to wipe it up she did not realise he ass was in the air and she was still naked so i silently crept behind her and penetrated her from the back instantly she was c****** and moaning turned on by my tactic i blew another load on her back because she thought i didnt c** before and wanted me to get pleasure to. She went back home sticky with shakey legs i did not here from her for a month she calls and tells me shes pregnant believes its mine but lets him raise the baby. L

Oct 10, 2016

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  • F*** me and fill me up with your sperm.

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