I've always been a straight male until.. 😔 I gave another man a b****** for the first time.. I know.. now I feel so ashamed around people everywhere I go I feel "gay" now. It's really killing me inside and out physically and mentally, it has caused me severe depression. I just can't get over the fact that I did what I did..

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  • It's okay. :) I did that too. And time is the cure. I feel fine.

  • A lot of bi and straight men now have sexual contact with other males.
    Do not feel guilty about what happens.

  • Relax ur either gay or bi u don't have to justify it to other people

  • I don't know how old you are but if every boy that fooled around with another boys d*** was gay then there would be very few straight men. Boys do this because they are unable to find a girl and they do gay s*** out of desperation. Quit worrying.

  • You aren't gay. If you were gay you would have been thrilled by what you did and you'd be out chasing c**** all day every day. Stop worrying over nothing.

  • Honestly, most straight guys have fooled around with another guy at some point. It's fine.

  • Don't beat yourself up. It's only s**, and it's obviously something you wanted at the moment. S** is for fun. Let it remain fun and not a burden. If you want to suck a d***, suck it If you don't, don't. It's not life and death.

  • I agree with this totally but want to add that you're gay if you want to have a loving relationship with someone of the same gender. Just having recreational sexx with someone of the same sexx doesn't make you gay. It makes you open minded and curious. Totally ok!!

  • ^ completely correct ^

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