Otis D no one gave a s*** when you died. Here's why.

I don't know what your problem was. You had the worst temper of any human I have ever known. You had ten children with your wife and your solution to any problem these kids had was to slap, hit and kick them.

You had an adulterous affair with a woman of loose morals and when your pregnant wife found out she didn't want to have s** with you. You punched her down and kicked her. That's why one of your daughters was born mentally retarded.

You punched and hit your son's for no good reason. Once when I was visiting one of your sons he had apparently made a mistake during one of your construction jobs. You beat him down with your fists and kicked him down the basement steps and then you beat the s*** out of him while he was lying on the floor.

I got the H*** out of there and never returned.

You hit all of your children. The girl's the boys even the retarded one.

I don't know if it was Karma or just bad luck that hit you but you started having pains. It turned out to be inoperable colon cancer.

I never asked how your family felt. You got weaker and weaker and you died in agony in a hospital. You got buried without a funeral because your family knew no one would come. Why waste the money?

No one places flowers on your grave. No one ever visits your grave. Your wife does not plan to be buried next to you.

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  • Too bad he wasn't charged with criminal assault when he was alive. A lot of innocent people die suffer and die of cancer. He got off scot-free

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