I have this burning desire I have sweet s** with a white woman. I am a black man, and happily married. However, I have like forever had the need to go down on a white p****. I have envisaged the amazing moans and groans from the lady, the twists and turns and the hot s** afterwards.

Imagine this! You come home, tired, and before you utter a word, i take your luggage from you and put it down. I unbutton your skirt and take off your shoes. I sit you down on a chair, put your legs in warm water and massage them. As you relax, i take off your clothes, one after the other until you are bare and naked....'-)..I work my way up from your feet all the way to the V-junction, stroking you slowly as yo close your eyes and let everything go. I graduate to your nipple-firm b******...circle them with my wet tongue and put my finger on your wet p****....

Oh...the things in my mind.......

Oct 10, 2016

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  • My fat white c*** is ready and waiting, never had a black c***

  • Come get some big black d***...but before that....I'll sure make you squirt with my tongue....bet you would kill for that.....

  • You do that to me and I will make you my black stud for life. WOW. When you get to that point I am all yours and ready for anything you want from me. Come to me daddy and I will be your next baby's Momma.

  • He was smiling now,…toying with me. I said “I’ve always been told that black men were well endowed and I’ve always wanted to see for my self.” “Follow me!” He said as he stood up from the desk and walked into the back room of his office. I could see a huge bulge forming in his slacks and my p**** started to tingle and get wet. In the back room he unzipped his pants and took out his p****. It was about eight inches long and stuck straight out and pointed slightly down. His testicles were as big as ping pong b****. “Oh my”, I breathed ” that is big!” he laughed and said,” Don’t get to excited, it’s not even all the way hard yet.” I got completely naked and so did he and I took his already huge c*** in my mouth. AS I sucked it kept growing until I could barely get my mouth around it. When it had reached its full potential it was at least twelve inches long, hard as a rock and stuck out at a forty-five degree angle with a nice up word curve. I laid on my back and he got on top of me and slid his mammoth pole a few inches inside of my ready and waiting v*****. He fed about half of it in then slid it out. His black c*** glistened with my juice. The next time he slowly inched his monster into my love cave until I felt his big b**** rest against my b*******. He started pumping me slow, long and hard. After a few minutes he began to increase the pace. I could feel his big nuts bouncing off of my ass with each plunge. I felt contractions start deep in my p**** and I started to lose control of my body and mind. I could hear myself scream as I came and I tried to clench my vaginal muscles around that big black d***. He withdrew his c*** and told me to get on my hands and knees. As I did I noticed a huge puddle of my p**** juice on the floor..............

    You want more momma....come and get it.....let’s connect....

  • I m 22 F and I have had a few big blacks but the biggest and thickest c*** I've ever had belonged to a Hispanic I met in San Diego last month and man did he f*** me good with his monster. No lie 13 1/2 inches long measured along the top of his c*** and with dad's calipers 2 3/8th across.

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