S** addiction

Doesn't exist, it was made up by women with weak ass libidos and men looking for and excuse for their cheating period.

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  • Weak libido means you don't get turned on, dumb ass.

  • Haha ok.

  • Weak ass libido......maybe ask ur boyfriend if u f*** him enough

  • The treatment as prescribed by our mariage counsellor is sexual abstinance. She is a woman and I am a man. I have to go 3 months without s** or masturbation. I'm 1 month in and it is hard as to maintain my self control.

  • Then you probably shouldn't be on a s** site and that is sort of cheating your treatment. Whoever your with deserves your honesty.

  • I want to spread my legs and play with my c l i t while you watch. I want you to see me growing wetter. I will lick my p u s s y juice from my fingers. I will push two fingers into my tight soaking c u n t. You'll see my tight pink little a$$hole. I'll tell you how much I want you to stretch it with your rock hard c o c k. My nipples will be h****** my plump round its. I will tug on them and pinch them while you watch...while you continue to abstain.

  • If u don't use it u lose it......

  • I bet it's really hard!

  • In more ways than one!

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