Our house is totally f*****

Home is totally controlled by my wife. At home I do what she says. She is the alpha and I am totally pathetic. Actually the more I write this the more pathetic I feel I am.

At work I am fine. Put in a honest day's work. I get on with pretty much every one. No fights. Some people are good friends and others well we don't get on but we just work togther. It is all pretty normal I think.

When I get home, my wife assigns tasks to me. She organises everything. She may assign me to cook or sometimes she cooks. She decides the menu of course. No sugar, no dessert, pretty much vegeterian with a small piece if meat on each second day. Making beds, washing ironing, wiping walls, raking leaves, even exercsie. She makes all the decisions. If I try to disagree she will get agressive, angry, She is very bossy & demanding. If I try to disagree she will say things like "we tried that and it didn't work" or "are you undermining me". She will comment on what I wear so it is usually better if I just let her put the clothes I am to wear on the bed.

Oct 11, 2016

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  • Theres nothing wrong with your wife dominating your home life, she has your full attention, you should buy her sexy lingerie every chance you get, and get her hair and nails done, i do not see her giving you your b**** back anytime soon, so show her what an obedient man you can be

  • I'm known as a submissive male. My wife totally controls everything. If I disobey her she punishes me. Usually the cane or paddle or whip and believe me it hurts like h***. I like a spanking as a part of s** but punishment is on another plane. Then extra chores that can keep me up late at night so I am tired out the next day at work. All my pay goes straight into an account that only she can withdraw from. She gives me a small amount of cash but other than that I have to put any expenditure on my crit card so she can see what I spend money on.

  • She says to me last night that she has organised a play date for me with my mates tonight. A group of us guys are going to the pub for a meal and play pool.

  • 1. Grab a camera 2. When she tells you what to do just sit down and say "no" without as little emotion as possible 3. When she starts on her tirade film her and keep calm and all your answers to "nope", and I won't do that. Keep getting under her skin by refusing to be bullied, but do not react or say more than single words like nope, or no thanks, or I don't want to do that. Then post it on-line. Keep doing it till she completely cracks and you end up on the power side of the relationship.

  • I would not have the guts to even prepare for this. She would kick me out.

  • Secretly record how she acts then when u have a bit of evidence and she wants to leverage u u can ask her if she'd be embarrassed if video of her acting like a b**** got on the internet

  • Take the money u have and ditch go to a different country lol

  • Wow seriously these ppl exist?

  • Sounds like my ex mil. You allowed it to happen, I just hope you didn't have kids that have to go through this kind of control. Take your b**** back

  • Yes. Kids do as she says too

  • That's awful. I hope karma teaches her a lesson, under grace in perfect ways

  • Just f*** her harder in the bed, if she said anything say you are not doing your duty proprely.
    Buy some cloths and belt from BOSS brand with the brand on them and sometimes when you are getting ready to go out show the brand and jokeing I am the BOSS.
    you have to do some work and help at home most of them manly works.

  • Doubt it. S** is if and only when she says so. When she does want it, she lies on her back legs apart and I have to get in gently. Then she says roll over and then I am on my back. Then she gets herself to o*****. I get to o***** if I have been good. If I have masturbated or displeased her then no o***** for me.

  • Did you marry your mom? You need to have a talk with her and work as a team and end this power shift. See a therapist may help you both to mediate through this and help you find your voice.

  • You need to stand for yourself.

  • That's sweet. Will you divorce her so I can take your place.

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