Just had s**

I read this site all the time and I have always wanted to confess something. But tonight I got drunk and wenthe back to a guys place and let him f*** me and c** in me. I'm drunk and and hiding in the bathroom to write my confession. I feel like such a w****. But I love it. After this I'll probably let him c** in me again.

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  • Sounds pretty reasonable actually. Wouldn't feel dirty about it.

  • Nice ...would love to do that to you right now

  • You're a normal woman, stop being so dramatic.

  • What were u wearing?

  • Yep you are a bad girl. S**** your head on and think some for yourself.

  • Don't feel like that. You made a guys night, trust me. As a guy, I would for a woman to give herself to me and let me c** deep inside her. It's a beautiful thing. Quit beating up on yourself.

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