F***** by a black man

I had the fantasy for years, always thought it was nothing more but when the chance came up, i was out with work friends, there was only a few of us left, this older black man, built like a brick wall, making me look so small brought me a drink, commentes on my outfit and how i looked, we got chatting, his hand soon moved down and round my bum, commenting on the feel of my bum cheeks through my jeans, i couldnt help
myself, i asked if he had a place to go, he lead me outside and towards the car park were we got no further than the stairwell, i sucked my first black c*** in the stairwell, it was a challenge, he was bigger than adverage but not massively, he fingered me and pulled my b****** out of my top, sucked hard in my nipples before i bent over and he dropped my jeans down to my boots as he ate me, it felt amazing and straught after i felt his hard c*** rub around my p****, in me he went, jeans round my knees one hand on my bum and the other grasping my hair as he f***** me and i mean F***** ME, god it was a good f***, he would have c** in me if i didnt stop him, instead he came in my mouth, hold me again by my hair pulling my mouth deep onto his black c*** till i felt the salty taste his c** fill my mouth

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  • No Biggy, so what!! A man is a man, regardless of race!! You stereotypical idiot!

  • Good girl

  • I have tried black men, they are shut lovers, they are only interested in their own pleasure

  • Sounds hot! what were u wearing?

  • S***

  • Good

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