I f***** my boss

I f***** my boss. Reason you say? Because I had some late work and he's around my age. Well besides that you guys just want details. We went to a bar to talk about work. I got drunk. I am stupid. Well he took me to my apartment and I asked him to come in. He rubbed my shoulders for me for a minute. And then he moved lower. He started grabbing me. We threw ourselves on the bed and I was already wet as f***. Then he took off my shirt and then my pants. He took off his shirt and his pants. Then I took it all off. I moved down lower pulled his underwear down just enough. Then I sucked his d*** so hard. Then after that I looked up he threw me down and then f***** me like an animal. I can here my moans........ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh. He was hard. It was good. I was wet. He felt me up so many times. Needless to say we're getting married in a month. Some live right? Hahaha

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  • You are so so so so so so so so lucky. I wish my boss would do that to me. Congragulations.

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