What is it really like...and after

I see and read all these confessions of stepdads l****** over their stepdaughters, and the ones who claim to have f***** them and other wanting to f*** them and confessions from girls teasing their mums new boyfriends and who have been f***** by them and yes i admit some must be true and some these i can see are complete bollocks, when it has happened to yourself you can sooo tell the diffrence, truthis it has and did happen to me, in some ways it was good but in other ways it has completely f***** my life up, it all started with me, i was 17 dad had abondoned me and my mum and i was young drunk and heartbroken from a breakup with a current boyfriend, mums bf was a perv from day 1, and i wantes to feel good so i let him f*** me one night i got in drunk, he jumped at the chance and for the next few months he f***** me whenever he could, he would buy me clothes and garment he wanted to f*** me and i would let him, h*** ill even admit i really enjoyed it at the time, i wasnt a virgin and he convinced me to try many things, a***, being tied up, dressing up, spanking, slight domination, and then into group s** and g********, on a friday and saterday night while my mum worked the late shift i was entertaining him and his friends, all taking turns f****** me, sometimes one after another and sometimes all at same time, basicly using me like a toy s***, once again im not afraid to admit, i enjoyed it, in fact i love it, until i got pregnant, caught a std, and then my mother found out, my family all dissowned me, made homeless and my mums boyfriend and all his mate were never to be seen again, still i got what i deserved some might say, now im in my early 20s with a 5yo son i love with all my heart but no idea whi the father is, nore do i have any idea where my family are or the fact di they care, do i regret it? yes? so weather any of you writting your post actaully care, please dont f*** your stepdaughter and leave her in the situation i was left in, i love my son with all my heart but inwish that i had just f***** a group random guys instead, just so i my son could know his family


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  • As a stepdaughter I can attest to h**** dads. As a teen I remember him pulling me onto his lap, holding me as I felt his hard c*** pressing against my soft a**. Sometimes he would brush against my budding br****, rocking me back and forth until I presume he c***. One time roughhousing on their bed on a Sunday morning, we were wrestling when I got turned around with my face in his c*****, I could smell his s**, my mouth inches away from his obvious h*****. It excited me, I felt his nose nuzzling at my p**** and I pressed my face into him without thinking about it. Mom was right there laughing, thinking it was all innocent fun. In the poo he would come up behind me and press up against me, his h*** c*** pressing into my a** cheeks. I found myself teasing more and more until one morning when mom left for work he came into my room. I pretended to be asleep as he slowly pulled the covers back and lifted my nightie. My eyes tightly closed I felt his face pressing into my p**** as he gently pushed my legs apart. That was the first time I c*** with a man, biting my lip to keep from moaning out loud. I acted like I never woke up and he left. I felt strange around him after that and he never tried to do that again, but always pulled me onto his lap until I left for college.

  • Exactly, they love getting f*****

  • God i wish you were my stepdaughter, at the legal yet tender age you were i would have done the same to you, did you guys do stuff while mummy was in? like f*** your mouth while mummy was cooking tea?

  • Simular yes, mum used to have long baths so we would have a quicky in the living room

  • Were dis he enjoy c****** the most?

  • On my face, always my face, he did c** elsewere but most time in my face

  • And where did you enjoy having it

  • I enjoyed it on my face but i preferes him doing it in me

  • What type clothing and "garments" dis he buy for you to wear?

  • Latex alot of latex he loved it, lots of heels and stockings, few uniforms etc

  • What type latex stuff? what uniforms?

  • Skirts, corsets, stockings, uniforms i had a police girl, a french maid and school girl

  • Thanks for the post. My step daugher is 26 (gorgeous latina) and we've been having s** for about a year and attending s** clubs. We have kept it very discrete and enjoy helping each other explore our wild sides. To be honest, the tabu nature of us meeting at a local s** club during the day each week and being naked together is a total turn-on. She also likes me watching her, protecting her, during g********. It has totally spiced-up our s** lives.

  • Yes we could have been alot more discete, glad your having a good time, be carefull though xxxxx

  • Thanks. We have really focused on making this a very private arrangement between the two of us where we can let everything out. We both have complete confidence that neither of us are going tell anyone, so we feel open and free to do anything we want, explore what we want, however we want. We have taken our sexual desires to hights I only dreamed of several years ago. I have hosted g******** for her, taken her to gloryholes, made her my bukkake queen...and my favorite, creampie parties. I tasked her will taking 8 loads before I went last and filled her with load #9. She has become my little s** queen. And I spoil her with gifts any chance I get.

  • Sounds like alot better arrangment than i ever had, yes i was brought gifts, and treated but in some way it was very seedy, but simular in ways, i had "creampie" evenings and "bukkake" evening just with the same guys, not as many as 9 though xxx

  • If anything, this has put many ideas into my head over my step daughter...thanks

  • Not what i had in mind when posting this

  • How many of his friends did you get f***** by? what was the most?

  • Overall 6 diffrent guys, the most was 5 and me

  • And did tbey take turns? or were they alk on you at once?
    can you remember what you were wearing?

  • It happened quite a few times, but most the time they were all going at me at same time, it was only later on in the evening they would take turns, and i wore loads outfits for them

  • What ones you remember most?

  • School girl outfit was the most used, next was just corsets n mini skirts n stockings?

  • Girls you can f*** your step dads but dont gang bang his friends haha .. thats the moral of this story

  • Not what i was going for

  • Too deep for me, damn what a mixed up situation.

  • Tell me about it

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