Still in love with my best friend... You t***!

I thought I'd be over you by now. It's been nearly a year since I told you how I felt. Nearly a year since you told me you saw me as nothing more than like a sister to you. You were going through something and it brought us closer. Then the feelings began and out of nowhere I started to see you in a different light. Your mother and brother told me in confidence that you had feelings for me but never felt good enough for me. I was shocked because I never felt good enough for you.

Buddies since we were little tikes! Pre-pubescent little angels we were. You were the one I'd turn to in an emergency. You would always turn to me for advice, hugs and food!

I miss you. So much. The worst thing is you know how I always used to say I could never see myself getting married (I've done well so far. Avoiding the aisle like the plague) I could only see myself saying yes to you. Only you. I can see myself having only your babies.
I hate this.

I miss your hugs and your laugh and the way we would argue then be back to talking like nothing happened a few days later.

I have to get over you. I have to forget you. I've gotta move on.

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