Step daughter from H***

I have you all beat when it comes to stepchildren I have been living with my fiance for the past 5 years other than his step-daughter who is 40 years old is 40 years old and has a child 11 years old has been nothing but a headache to say the least she is whiny she is ready she is not she is a b**** she has spread rumors about me she has caused me more anguish than I can even begin to speak about I have tried to overlook it I have tried to be nice to her I have bent over backwards however I am done I will no longer tolerate her rudeness or her abusive words sometimes you have to fight fire with fire if it causes me the relationship with my fiance and so be it then he wasn't the right man for me he has never stood up for me one time against her and put her in her place it is always been up to me to just take it well I can no longer do that I am at my wit's end I wish she would just go away and never come back I don't care how ignorant sounds if you have been through the h*** that I have been through in the Last 5 Years you would totally understand I have never met a more self-indulgent self-centered whiny brat is not a 40 year old woman in my entire life is there a magic button that will just make her disappear if anybody knows of one please let me know

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  • Amen !!!!

  • Beat her.

  • My wife and I ensured that we were one with each other. United. Kids can be jealous that the new partner is taking their parents love.

    Once you are as one with your partner just be really strict with the kid. We came down on my wifes 12yo daughter. Totally strict.

  • I think you're both the problem, and your fiance should fine someone better and make his daughter grow-up/step-up. :)

  • Thats your opinion which doesnt matter

  • Doesn't make it wrong. ;)

  • Have a talk with your fiance. If he is unaware of the friction, he has to be blind. At 40, she doesn't have to like you or accept you. But it would be nice and also set a good example for her daughter. You probably could just make agree that when your fiance and his daughter wish to meet it can be done without you and not in your home. But keep the door open for reconciliation. Don't stoop to her level. You're better than that. If she can respect and act appropriately towards you, you can be cool with that. It's been 5 years, not really sure what the point his daughter is trying to make. Live your life, Start planning the wedding.

  • I do agree with what you're saying and I have done that I have excused myself from home and have made it a point not to be where I know she is going to show up and no he's not blind to the fact but he tells me that is his only daughter and he has raised her since she was 3 years old because her mother left her and I said that's not my fault and you're right about going and just living Our Lives which we try to do and I guess the point she is trying to make it she will Outlast me basically she has gotten rid of all the other ones girlfriends I mean I am his first fiance since his ex-wife and I guess it's just too much for her to handle but I appreciate your comments and you're right start planning the wedding maybe that'll put her over the edge haha

  • I think you understand that it's his only daughter and it doesn't sound like you are trying to make it difficult for them to continue their relationship. But she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you. I would extend an invitation to the wedding but be very clear with your husband..she makes any scene, causes trouble ..she will be removed. I think it would also be a good idea that when u do get married that u create wills or trusts. He probably wants to provide for his daughter and granddaughter a trust should be set up. And you should have your own trust figured out. Since the relationship is contentious now, having this worked out (God forbid anything happens) and it's all handled. Good luck. Hoping things get easier.

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