i want to have s** with your best freind.

I want to have s** with Olive , its not because i dont love you its because our s** life is dull , its the same old missionery all the time. I have wanted Olive for the past twenty years , never done anything about it , but i would love to f*** Olive.
She is not skinny , does not have a great figure but is still one of the most attractive women i have met, .
i know you already hate me looking at s** on TV, internet, books , but you dont give me enough reason not to.
I dont want to cheat on you , or make out someone else is better than you , because they aren't you are the best.
I love you , i love having s** with you , but ineed more , i need to know what it feels like to have another married woman.
Help me , show me you have a sexy side , dont just let me do it .
want to do it with me .

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  • why dont u tell ur wife u need to spice up ur s** life she probably feels the same way thats probably why its boring. . .dont mention olive

  • Dude, we need to have a beer. I feel exactly the same way about my wife and Michelle.

  • They are all the same... never enough reasons to give you any. Just go and buy some, and keep it to you damn self. Stay away frmo married women-- just pay hookers to go away.

    These desp. house whores will make you nuts.

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