Am I a s** object?

Well being 18 years old and as a gay man sadly I have meet and talk mostly to straight, bi curious men. In high school tho but every single man who ever wanna talk and not sure who they are just want s**. I say no but somedays when I feel alone and not wanted I give on what they want. I don't give s** we just sext a lot and I mean a lot. But I'm a virgin and a total virgin i've never kissed, hugged or did anything with a dude before. I know that I'm 120% gay defiantly not straight. But being in high school is hard and seeing all of my friends being in a relationship is kinda hard for me. I know I should be stronger and be my own man. But honestly I feel unwanted, unseen, and unheard.....

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  • If you're a cute sweet 18 yr old I would love to use you as my own s** toy. I am an older str8 but slightly bi curious lonely guy who finds teen guys (of legal age only) HOT. You know you want someone to make you feel happy right? I'd love to hear from you boy!

  • You are a s** object. Thats about it!

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