I got raped by my cousin

It happen twice , and till this day I'm embarrassed . My husband had his friends over a Saturday morning , they all went quad riding and in the afternoon they got home I BBQ for them and let them be , It was roughly 10 ish when I decided to go to sleep , I went in shower and went to bed . It was 2 am when I felt oral s** being preformed on me , I woke up I thought it was my husband and I let him continue but as I tried reaching for him he pulled away , it puzzled me to see him walk out the room. I put a robe on and walked towards the kitchen I see my husband still awakes with his friends and my cousin , My husband turns to me and smiles at me so I went back to the room I didn't think much , he probably got h**** went in the room preform oral and before his friends notice .
Long story short about a month later my husband had his friends over again we do same routine , I say goodnight and go to my room . It was around 1 am this time when I feel oral preform on me , again I quickly reach to feel him and as I reach to his head I realized it wasn't my husband , I try to pull away and scream when I get turned upside down and a hand over my mouth I feel when his undressing me, I can't move or see his face as I'm facing down when I slowly feel getting penetrated , defently not my husband , I struggle to look up but I can't . I see a chance and I pull my hand free and scrash his forearm. I could here is he moaning and groaning . Ok so I have a condition where I don't loosen up and struggle to get wet. my husband and I Call it "f****** a virgin." As his about to finish he pushes me down on the bed and runs out , I couldn't see who he was and I didn't try to look either I was shock and felt dirty I ran to the bathroom and showered . It was Sunday morning easily 100 degrees I notice as everyone was wearing t-shirts and I notice my cousin is wearing a long sleeve . I didn't say nothing and thought to myself , No I know it wasn't my cousin that raped me . I look at the guys arms and no marks . I look at my cousin and frown at him , I told my husband I need to talk to you , he answers me in 10 mins. As I'm walking pass the bathroom I feel a pushed in the bathroom , my cousin is standing in front of me , leans to me and hugs me I can feel his p****was hard, he leans on me unzippes my shorts and forces his p**** in me , I try pushing him off but his to strong , he groans as he is forcing his p**** in me , after a minutes I start getting wet but my v***** walls are tighten . He tellls me , please don't tell him , I been wanting you since we were teens and I couldn't handle it , and if it wasn't me , it was going to be one of friend ." Wtf ?" And strangely enough he asked me why was my v***** so tight , if I didn't have s** with my husband he mentions " A***** mention how tight your p***y was but damn ". This a****** wtf was wrong with him . I been to embarrass to tell my husband that his best friend my second cousin raped me. Now every time his friends are over I lock the room to avoid this happening again .


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  • I was raped b4
    S k y p e Annie price 123

  • My parents told me that I got raped by my cousin. I don't remember but yet again they said this happened when I was 3.

  • Time to fight back and never be a victim again!

  • Tell your husband and report it to the police, woman!! Don't be stupid!!

  • I was embarrass to tell him at first but I open up to him, he was so mad not at me, it's been 4 months that my cousin does' nt go over . I just really needed to vent .

  • I found myself in a similar situation about a year ago. We had a party at our house, admittedly everyone was drinking to much. It was late most people had left. I made my way up to our bedroom and passed out, I was in and out of it when I felt someone between my legs having s** with me. I thought it was my husband until he pulled out and finished on me , my husband never does that. I started pushing him off he and he ran out. I got up went down stairs only to hear a car pulling out of the driveway and see my husband passed out on the couch. I didn't say anything to my husband because I didn't know who it was.

    Two weeks go by , my husband and some friends go fishing for the weekend. He wasn't gone more than ten minutes, I'm cleaning up the kitchen, I hear the sliding door open and in comes my husband's friend Jerry. I tell him my husband wasn't home and he should knock before he comes in. I was only in a night shirt and embarrassed he was seeing me like that I should have told him to leave but I didn't. He asked for a cup of coffee, I got it for him and went back to cleaning up. I turned to put something in the sink and he moved right behind me, pressing me against the cabinets and started groping my b******. I told him to stop but he kept going, He said, you loved it the other night ,you're really going to love it now that I can take my time. He had the back of my night shirt up and pushed himself inside me right in my kitchen. He was holding me so tight all I could do was stand there and take it, this time he went a long time and finished in me. When it was over I told him I was telling my husband, he laughed at me and said go ahead ,but have fun explaining why you didn't tell him about f****** me at the party.

  • ( Continued ) I didn't tell my husband, Jerry took that as I liked it and continued to use the fact I didn't tell against me. He has done it two other times when he knows my husband is gone and once when my husband had a group of guys over watching a football game . He followed me down to the basement while I was doing laundry , forced me to get on my knees and suck him off. I could hear my husband and the other guys laughing and cheering as I was sucking him, it was so degrading . Tell your husband before your cousin does it again. I feel trapped and can't get out of it now.

  • I'm sorry for you situation, I let my husband know months later after it happen when he tried it again, I couldn't keep quiet when he tried again I scream and my husband heard and ran to where I was at. Long story short We are happy . I just needed to vent . it happen 4 months ago but I still haunts me when I see men get near me .

  • S k y p e Annie price 123
    i was raped

  • How the f*** did he just ram it in without being wet ?

  • I was raped
    S k y p e Annie price 123

  • Do you think women that get raped are wet at the time ? Basically stating women love s** .

  • I was raped b4 3 times
    my s k y p e annie price 123

  • I'm just saying ur story doesn't add up. Ur reactions don't make any sense

  • A women doesn't have to wet, is not like we automatically get wet when are legs are spread, if you think that please take a s** class so you'll be more informed, I would hate that someone close to you would ever deal with rape and you thinking they had the hots for the person or simply don't believe them cause according to you women have to be wet to have s** .

  • And u didn't call the police woo f*** u

  • Oh f*** off you could f***** him up after he walked away ur in a kitchen there are knives chairs ect

  • Our legs ***

  • If it happened once and you kept it a secret from your husband because you were embarrassed or ashamed that would be one thing. It happening a few times, first oral then him actually penetrating you twice? And still you say nothing to your husband? Something tells me your shame is in the fact you enjoyed him and you are hoping it happens again. That's the only reason I can think of that you don't want your husband to know.

  • First time I wasn't aware , and if you read correctly I tried speaking up when it happen again, it's been 4 months now that he tired again and wasn't successful, I scream , my husband heard and rush to us long story short my husband knows . It's hard to tell someone about rape is not easy saying you got force to have s**. Especially if a family member did it . Please don't judge if you have never been in the same situation .

  • Maybe I have this wrong but to me a part of mariage is trust and support. One partner should feel free if not obligated to share concerns and problems with their partner. So the OP should have felt the first thing to do would be to go see and talk to her husband.

  • Yes it is, but it's hard to speak up when a family member does it, I spoke up . Everything is fine now .

  • Yeah maybe if it was closer than a cousin but a cousin really

  • If you were really raped and this isn't a bullshit post then don't tell us tell the police.

  • Why would it be bullshit, a lot of rape victims don't speak up cause there is judgemental a**h**** like you .

  • Hey fucktard it continues to happen because ppl like u don't make the only logical call in the situation so stfu

  • I think is so funny that a victim gets blame for getting raped instead of the men that are raping . Like fck she wanted so fck it right . Props to the guy yay him .

  • Pretty stupid......

  • You know what doesn't make sense to me? If my husband came in and licked me and then took off to go back to join his waiting friend without a word ...I would probably ask him about it the next day. "Hey, honey...snuck in for a little oral last night, did ya?" and if it wasn't him he would probably say something like, "uhhh what? No. Maybe you were dreaming."

    Also, wouldn't it be risky for the cousin to leave the group for long enough to lick and fck you? And the moaning and groaning...also kind of risky...

  • Sorry that many of us don't have the same way of thinking, me going to the kitching and seeing smile answer my question. Maybe I was wrong at the time . I suggest I don't know if you have ever had s** but moans and groans can be quiet . Now I have told my husband months later but I did . Many rape victims are afraid to speak up cause people like you .

  • I still suspect you're full of s*** or at the very least you embellished your story for the site. Moans and groans can be quiet, and I am not sure if YOU'VE ever had s** but s** can also be silent. I've had silent s**. Why? So I wouldn't be caught which you would think would have been your cousin's first priority. I also still think the random oral would have come up between a husband and wife. Maybe you don't talk to each other.

  • Think as you would like there's another story similar to mine in the comments, if think mine is bull s*** I can imagine hers . I honestly don't know where you live but according to you, you must live in a box sorry for that. I was bless with a nice big house . God bless your soul .

  • Umm wtf that's the only logical thing to do ur making the situation much worse by letting time pass the longer u wait the more likely ur husband is to dump u for not telling him

  • I did let time pass and that was my fault and when I felt being in the same situation I opened up .

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