Food confession...Nissan or Ramen noodles..

Recently started buying Ramen or Nissan cup of noodles, as a quick lunch. Hadn't them them in years, but figured, it's cheap so why not.

Problem now is...I'm finding myself practically living off of them because they're so cheap and fast to make. I do have regular food in my fridge and freezer, but have been doing the noodles thing twice per day anymore, even as a snack. Thinking I am now addicted to these stupid things...

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  • I know the sodium is sky-high on those things, which is why I didn't have them for years until recently. Funny thing is, after writing this yesterday, I went to my usual pub for dinner, and, what did my bartender friend have on the bar? Nissan noodles.

  • It's haunting you! It's a trap! Ruuuunnn!!!

  • Snack on ryvita with hummus spread for a carby snack fix

  • Lots of sodium....urg. I hope it gets better

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