I f****** HATE Islam and it's followers

Islam is the most vile, disgusting, barbaric cult masquerading as a "religion" in the world, and Muslims are the most hateful, violent, bigoted savages to ever walk the earth.

If you cannot accept the fact that men, women, LGBT+ people, and non-Muslims are equal in Western society, then you need to go back to your barbaric Third-World Muslim shithole and stay there, you disgusting towel-head. This is why we don't like Muslim refugees coming into Europe, you people try to force your barbaric, woman-hating, gay-bashing beliefs down our throats. You do NOT belong in Europe, or any other part of the free, civilized world. Islam should be banned for it's despicable crimes against humanity, and Muslims should be kicked out of the Western world.

In fact, I would even go so far as to say that all Muslim men should be rounded up and imprisoned (maybe even executed), and all Muslim women be rescued and put through therapy for the abuse they've went through with their psychopathic, barbarian husbands. Same with Muslim children, god only knows what horrific abuse they face with their Muslim fathers.

Bottom line is, Islam and Muslim culture is incompatible with Western society, democracy, human rights, LGBT+ rights, women's rights, and freedom of religion. You are a FOOL if you think that Muslims can live peacefully within our civilized society, it's like letting a savage loose in Ancient Rome, they will only cause discord and mayhem. This is why Muslims should never, ever be allowed into the Western world.

I may hate Donald Trump due to his xenophobic, anti-democratic, fascist agenda, but I do agree with him about one thing, and that is keeping you disgusting Muslim savages out of our great society! You might be able to get away with raping, beating, whipping, stoning or murdering women and gays in your barbaric, Third-World Muslim hellhole that you call a country, but try doing that here in the civilized world, and we will put you in your f****** place, you Neanderthal pieces of s***.

Oct 26, 2016

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  • You hit the nail on the head there!!!
    I absolutely detest them

  • You are so full of hate for something that you do not truly understand, before you go off spouting such horrible hate speech pick up a book about the religion and actually educate yourself.

  • Another mudslime defender, go to h*** and f*** you!

  • That's like stating, "you hate yourself for being human, because anyone that's human is flawed and a slave to free will and anyone that has free will, has the potential to commit heinous crimes, as well as act out good ones. And you, I and everyone on earth knows, some individuals do commit horrendous crimes, regardless of what religious doctrine they follow or not"

    So basically, you hate your self and your fellow humans! You're a fool!

  • It's not the religion of Islam that's the problem, It's some individuals and collective groups that misinterpret this religion and abuse it to accommodate, their own specific lifestyle choices, evil deeds and so forth.

    Remember people, it's not the religion 'islam itself, that's the problem!"

    Stop with your ignorance and use common sense!!

  • Muslims always say they are such humble people but then why the f*** do they bomb and behead people!? They really are a group of F****** savages!

  • Do Americans not bomb innoocent women aand children, and have you never heard of the Spanish Inquisition authorised by the defender of paedophiles and child abusers, the Pope?

  • To be fair, most religions promote hate and monstrous acts of some sort. If you had lived during the time of the Crusades, you would have hated Christians and their barbaric ways as well. Today we live in a society where Muslim is feared but it's only a matter of time before another religion is the "enemy" of mass American society.

  • Hey F****** b****! The crusades was along time ago and Christians now are nothing like they were before they have been more peaceful. But the Muslims have never changed they are still the same F****** animals! F*** Muslims!

  • The only reason extremist Christians aren't overtly that way right now is because they aren't unified enough. Don't tell me you haven't heard of "Jesus camps"? Do a search on them, especially ones situated way out of the way deep in some red state somewhere (actually that's a good movie to watch on the subject as well). Of course, with all your foul-mouthed hatred, you're probably a member of one of them...

  • Its only a figment of you liberal nightmare, go back to sleep liberal.

  • Muslims are F****** creeps cuz they worship a pedophile!

  • And Christianity worships paedophiles and child rapists'

  • Why do Muslims wanna have s** with 9 year old girls?

  • Probably the same reason Catholics/Christians want to have s** with 9 year old boys...

  • By stating "Muslims" you're conveying the majority of Muslims rape children. Do you know every Muslim in the world? Are you stating, every person whom is a Muslim are paedophile rapists, because they're Muslims? If you're, you're one of many, who represent 'prejudice and everything wrong in this world!' With individual ignorance and attitudes like yours, our world is screwed!

  • Why have some Christian priests, "raped and molested innocent children!" Why have some nuns raped and abused children? Why do some individuals, kill and rape innocent people? Why does anyone, commit these diabolical crimes in general, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and culture? Ask yourself that instead, you ignorant 'a s s h o l e!'

  • Yeah Donald trump won yeah!!!! Now all Muslims gonna die yeah!!!!

  • It's more than two years later and ISIS is still alive and kicking. So much for your orange overlord doing anything worthwhile besides lining his own pockets and paving the way for American fascism.

  • Yeah, "Donald Trump won!" yeah!!!

    America is 'f****** e d!' even more so, than ever before!! Yeah, "f****** yeah!"

  • I want to kill all Muslims and their kids! I also wanna kill their F****** prophet Mohammed!

  • All Muslims are evil there are no good Muslims

  • If that's how you're going to play it, "all human beings are evil then!" That's similar to stating your s h i t

  • Don't be daft! That's like stating, "all human beings are evil!" You're a f****** fool!

  • I uhh... I think someone needs some history lessons...

  • I agree

  • America is in a state of steep intellectual, moral, cultural, spiritual, educational and social decline. If you think that's not true, then just take a moment -- please -- and read all of the posts here. We in the U.S. have already survived longer than any other democracy in all of history. And this shows just how frighteningly close we are to bringing our time to a close. We're done.

  • You're right, soon America will be a wasteland. And Muslims nor Christians would want to live there.

  • Let me guess you wanna protect Islam is that it? Then ur just the same as those F****** Muslims who behead Americans u F****** hypocrite !

  • Like, can't fight against like. Just as ignorance, can't fight ignorance!

  • F*** Muslims all they do is bomb people and bathe in their own s*** and expect people to join them just f*** Muslims

  • Even Muslims women and children smell like cat and dog s***! Lol 😂 😂😂

  • A child is not born to hate, hate is taught.
    A human being isn't born to be racist, It's want we're taught. Your ignorance and lack of intellect isn't shocking. You're completely stupid and can't be helped.

  • Everything said in all the preceding posts was said about every immigrant group beginning with Irish to the Germans, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, etc. The greatness of the USA is they will integrate and will be saying the same thing about the next group of immigrants.

  • They never integrate and you know so. islam is non compatible with western values

  • You're stupid!

  • Muslims smell like dog and cat s*** lol

  • C***

  • F*** you muslim

  • I once ripped a hijab from some Muslim b**** and that was F****** funny 😂! She was like help help! Lol 😂

  • Good man!

  • You know some Christians wear head covers? What if you did that to one of them?😐

  • Catholic people wear head parts not Christian

  • Do that to a black person, I dare you! Perhaps getting shot in the head, would be funny as well, you fool!

  • C***.

  • F*** Muslims and their smelly traditions!

  • Hindus are better than Muslims!

  • That's like stating, "White people are better than other racial groups!"

  • White people are better

  • You haven't comprehended the actually point! I can only assume, "you're unintelligent and beyond logically cognitive skills!" You're an idiot!

  • What has Muslims done for America besides bomb it and the people? They haven't done s*** for us!

  • What has the White man done to America, ask yourself that!

  • The white gave people in this nation freedom and choice

  • Abraham Lincoln did, when he abolished slavery in the 19th Century. America didn't produce a heroic, individual thinker like him, they can't take the credit for that. Lincoln did that, because of the person he was!

    You obviously aren't a realist and lack wisdom, intellect and live a sheltered life, if you believe, "The White as you put it, gave people in America, the choice and freedom!"

    Which people are you referring to, who have these "so called choices and freedom in America?"

  • I know right the only thing Muslims do is behead and bomb people what a group of f******!

  • What has America done for the world

  • America has done plenty for the world. America is the worlds policeman. What have Muzzies done for the world? Not a damn thing.

  • Because the U.S. getting involved in every bit of foreign affair has been a good thing for the world...

  • I agree America has really brought the world together but Muslims just bomb others and expect people praise them what a group of a******

  • I disagree, the USA is contaminated and spreading it's disease, allover every continent!

  • So tell me what's Muslims done for the world besides bomb and kill people?

  • I'm 'f****** i n g' sick of you, "so called self-righteous, ignorant, stereotypical, prejudiced individuals!"

    How can you judge a majority of individuals by their religion, because of a minority of individuals whom are muslims, committed horrific crimes!

    If you believe that, "then that's similar to stating, the majority of human beings are killers and bombers too, because of a minority of them, that committed these crimes!" Do you comprehend my point?!

    Individuals like yourself, are amongst what's wrong with this world!

  • You still haven't answered the question and u think if the world was filled with people like u the world would be perfect? The world would be even more fuucked up!

  • Aw did I hurt ur feelings? Good I'm glad I did lol 😂

  • If ur sick of me then why don't u do something about me? lol

  • People ignore these posts that protect the Muslims they are just a bunch of bombers!

  • So much naivety on this site. OP is definitely trolling!!

  • Another troll post people!!! Don't get suckered. Same person did it with black people on this site.

  • Yep. Their responses are always 'F*** you... Blah blah blah' probably just a bored teen who needs love.

  • I bet you hate America u b****** if u hate this country then just f*** off !

  • Shhh... here, Mommy has some Pop Tarts for you...

  • We shouldn't take those F****** Syrian refugees Clinton is a real dumbass b****! Those refugees are gonna grow to be bombers and bomb us we should F****** kick them out!

  • I agree I hate Muslim they steal jobs and they gang up on Americans and attacked them and they bombed America and they F****** expect to be treated like their F****** special! What F****** do they got!? They really should be all killed! F*** all Muslims!!

  • Can we just agree that all religion is crazy and counterproductive. Alllll of it you can't say Islam is f***** and then go practice some other bullshit.

  • Another special snowflake thinker. hey twatwhen was the last time you heard of a mormonm beheading or a methodist bombing/ besides the Current message of christianity is love and compassion. the current message of islam is that muslims are supreme over all others. Read study educate yourself

  • Lol it's YOU that needs educating! You're a joke man!!!

  • F*** u atheist nutjob

  • Religion is for retards who know very little of anyting

  • Atheism is for losers who are too busy smoking weed fucktart

  • Are you f****** kidding me most of scientists moving us forward are atheist kill yourself you inferior waste of life

  • F*** you dumb c*** learn bio or chem otherwise shut the f*** up

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