Crossdresser in friends panties

I love to take panties and j******* then return them. So I started to take panties from a friend of mines wife Jo I know her back in school she is short hot and very sexy.her and I would talk slot about s** and the lack of from our day she seen my wife's panties out the to of my pants she was cool about it and even bought a dress for me at one time but it put and end to me trying to hook up with her she was not into that at day I had the pleasure of seeing her in only a matching bra and thong panties I had jacked off I. The week before they were pink with gray trim she look so hot I could bot stop think if how much I wanted to put them and j******* again. The next day while her and my wife were out on the back deck at Jo's house I went into her bathroom and found them I put them on and got dressed to go back out and sit with them to talk while I had them on. She ask me if I could take something to her man at his work and I agreed and new right then what I was going to do dressed in her panties
I got up went back to her room and took a black mini skirt a gay blouse a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of her boots and left to run the aron for her. After is I was done I pulled over and changed into her close wow it felt so good to be dressed head to toe in all of her things.
Now it was off the the adult theatre so I could do some of the thing she had told me she love to do with her men like b******* and swallow. Or one of her many fantasies of more the one man. I went in and sat down soon I was on my knees sucking the c** of a young man down my throat,i did it just the way she talk about. Next thing I know I have a second man asking me to stand up so he can look at my sexy ass.he stood behind me and ran his hand up my thighs lifting up her skirt to my waist and smacked my ass as he ask me my name,i told him it was Joan but he can call me Jo.he smacked my ass again and said Jo your going to be my little s*** now. O my god that was just she fantasised about doing. As he push me over a man stepped up in front of me say ya and the s*** is going to suck my c*** I'm bent over with a man holding my head with his c*** down my throat and one doing me from behind when I feel a third man under me start to suck me off and licking the crotch of her dirty panties,lucky guy they taist great. Out of the corner of my eyes I see more men standing in line so I waved them up and now have a c*** in each hand and the three of them took turn going down my throat.
Wow I'm doing five men just what she always wanted to all while dressed in her clothes.two or three men rotated behind me and more in front all call little Jo the s*** as they came on and in me.i return to her house and kept all her clothes on except the boots and talk while feeling all the c** left by so many men on her wife later found the outfit and talked with Jo adout it but they never new what I did in the and did not know they belong to Jo.
Since then I have done many other things dressed in her sexy and kinky outfits like going there and to s** with man and then going home and have s** with my wife while I had them on and the take a second outfit from her the next day and doing all again but when I got home I made my wife put the outfit I had on the night before and we had s** while both of us being dress in jo's sexy teddys. I have take dirty panties from Jo many times and put them on inside out and put a pair on my wife the same way and we licked the crotch of jos panties clean. I know my wife can taist the sweetness if her best friend but she has never said anything about it.
At one time Jo did not own a pair of panties or sexy outfit that I had not out in and had s** with men or my wife in. I have even out on one of her lacy tebbies and shoved her vibrator up inside me put back on my clothes and sat to talk with them.then went back in and change out to have all of her s** toys in me one after the other.and have dressed up in her kinky black leather outfit and used her d**** while j********** Infront of her ass she sleeps.

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