The Dumbest son of a b**** I ever knew in my life

I used to work in a poor section of the city. I changed tires and did service station work while going to college at night.

There was a similar business next to ours and I on occasion spoke to this rural talking man who seemed to have a head completely devoid of brains.

The neighborhood was black and children often played in the streets in front of our businesses. I personally never noticed them until one day this happened.

The guy with the empty head who was white grabbed a four-year-old black girl tossed her into his van one night and disappeared.

The police asked questions and I came forward and told them that the suspect in the case had to be the most uneducated, the most ignorant person I had ever had the displeasure of knowing and that's all I knew about him.

Two years passed and the case was solved. He had taken the child to a very rural backwoods area and treated her like a Princess. He got another job and spent most of his money on clothes and toys for the girl. He tried to tell the people who saw them together that she was his daughter by a black woman.

When he enrolled her in school she was questioned and the police were called. He was arrested and the child was sent home to her parents.

His former manager told the police that his former employee had used a fake ID to get near the child.

The problem is his plan didn't work.

The judge sentenced him to thirty years in prison for kidnapping and transporting a child over state lines.

This happened in 1971 and I wonder if he survived to get released.

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  • He didn't appear to be, "a dumb ass son of a b****, as you so kindly put it!"
    He appeared to have a good soul, with good intentions. But his intentions transpired unlawfully.

  • The Punishment Should Fit The Crime …

    1] Mr. Empty Head and the now grown-up, college educated black woman toss the judge and cops to a very rural, backwoods area.

    2] Empty Head arms himself with a big stick. He spends the next, thirty years first making the judge abuse the cops, and then the cops abusing each other and the judge – doing all the things Empty Head learned in the pen.

    3] Whenever the judge or cops slow down or refuse to abuse each other, Mr. Empty Head starts beating them with the big stick.

    4] Meanwhile, the black woman encourages the ritualized abuse while sexually degrade the judge and cops as tiny-dicked morons, taunting them as she flaunts her multi-syllabic vocabulary before their four-letter-word minds.

    5] Empty Head is put in charge of the business, and his former manager is hired on as an employee with a fake ID. He should spend most of the money he gets on clothes and toys for any children the black woman has.

  • Seems like, he had a better heart than most people and not dumb, at all!!

  • Tell me info so I can google the story

  • Atlanta Ga kidnapping 1971.

  • Seems like he was a good guy.

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