I showed off my husbands c***

Last weekend me and my husband and some friends all got drunk, At the end of the night it was just me and my best friend still up, we were drinking and my husband had changed into pyjama shorts and passed out on the couch, We were talking about what the subject always seems to get to somehow when me and her are together "s**", She seen my husbands junk about 8 years ago one time when we were all drunk in her garage and he flashed her, Since then she always jokes about how big it was.
We were talking and again she brought up my husbands c***, I looked at her and said "he wasn't even hard", We laughed and she said "If that wasn't hard then I feel sorry for you, Well not for you but for your v*****", We laughed again and I got an idea, I looked at her and said "wanna see it hard", She laughed and said "F*** yeah".
I know my husband is a heavy sleeper when he drinks and that he would never even know, I walked up, grabbed his shorts, Undid the button and reached inside, She was standing beside me and I looked at her and whispered "Are you sure", She didn't even talk, just nodded her head, I pulled out his limp d***, She whispered "Well...that's definitely not hard", I knelt down and she knelt beside me, I softly pulled on it and rubbed the tip with the palm of my other hand, I could feel it starting to get hard and soon it was standing at full attention, I looked at my friend and she looked at me and mouthed the words "That's frickin huge".
I let go of it and whispered "grab it", she didn't even think about it and grabbed it, She must have spent 3 minutes inspecting it looking at the top side then the underside then the k***, I told her "Give me your phone", She handed me her phone and I said "Pretend you are gonna suck it", She opened her mouth and posed like she was about to suck it and I took two pictures, We were both giggling and I handed her phone to her, She stood up still holding onto his c*** took one more picture then shoved her phone in her back pocket.
She looked at me and took a deep breath then let it out and said "I need a smoke now", We both giggled then she leaned over, opened her mouth and sucked the k*** as she stood then let go of him, I looked at her wide eyed and she looked at me then we both covered our mouths as we burst out laughing, we went to the garage and had a smoke, She lit hers and as I lit mine she said "sorry" I laughed and said "if he only knew".
We finished our smokes and went to bed, I left him on the couch and the next morning he was in bed, I got up and my husband didn't get out of bed until after she left but he has no idea.


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  • I fantasize about my wife and one of her friends doing something like this to me sometimes. It's an exciting scenario.

  • Reading stories like this, makes me feel better for showing off my wife while she's sleeping

  • I would love to see a picture of your wife while she is sleeping. dsb1961@Hotmail.com feel good and let me see her. I promise I will reply with my thoughts about her. :)

  • That's a cute story.

  • You're a great wife. I bet you'll have more friends wanting to get photos with his c*** soon.

  • Not happening, One time drunk thing.

  • That's just being selfish. Share the c***!

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