Morning hangover...Thanks to hot, young women

Having difficult time working this morning. Went to my usual local bar for pizza and few beers yesterday, and, due to a succession of hot, young bartender friends working, and, a new employee who was equally hot (tall, lanky girl..long, jet-black hair, high cheekbones, great ass, and long, black nails..very sexy), stayed too long. My bartender friends do keep me there, and often don't take "I'm done" for an answer, so, while it's my own fault, I'd say not entirely. The show was too good to leave, and I was working on the hostess girl.

I left there already quite buzzed, then, went across the street to the other place, hoping to see another hot (model gorgeous, actually) younger bartender friend, and, as luck had it..She was there. Sat down with the intent of having maybe 2 drafts, as they are small, then going home. Nope..Stayed there too long as well, helped along by "Jackie" (name change), who not only had me there chatting, but, bought me a draft. Didn't hurt, either, that they weren't busy, and, she was dressed sexy for a Tuesday night. Every time she tapped her nails on the bar, or, leaned over to chat, I nearly lost it.

Thus, this morning...Hangover city. Thankfully, I work from home, so plodding through the morning while the Advil kick in..Really need to start sticking to my guns when I say I'm leaving somewhere, and not let the brain in my pants make the decisions..

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  • GREAT opening!

    Reads like this guy has pizza and beer for breakfast.


  • Loser. They arent your friends. They work at a bar

  • Actually, a******..Three of them really are my good friends. Known one for more than 10 years, did a resume for another, and know the other's bf very well. I understand, they work at a bar, however, you are incorrect (and an a******) for presuming that's the only reason I stayed.

  • Don't fight with people on an anon site. It makes you look worse than them when you defend yourself to them.

  • I'm the OP...I don't get into it or fight with people on a site like this..Only use these sites for fun, and, to vent sometimes. Just bothers me when people presume they know it all, when they don't. I admitted, yeah, I stayed out too long the other night, by my own choice, b/c was enjoying a few friends who happen to be bartenders. It would have been the same if any of them were on the opposite side, sitting with me instead of working.

    Believe me, I am way past the morning hangover thing, and was for crap until about noon that day. My brain kept telling me "go home", but, between the last woman, who's engaged, with a kid, house, 3 dogs, and a full life, and, whom I've helped through some difficult times, giving me fresh drafts, and, my chatting with other people..Just didn't take my own direction. Doesn't happen often anyway.

  • Don't tell me what to do a******. I'll kick your teeth in.

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