I hated him but i let him f*** me

I worked in this insurance firm fir 3 years. i had a great job and i loved it, i even enjoyed being on the phones, 2 months before i left we had a new supervisor start, he waa a p****, not much older than me and he spoke to the older girls and guys like s***, he made me do all the s*** jobs and his coffee b****, all the time sending me down to the canteen to get him coffee, we had a few fall outs until i was asked in to cover someone else overtime shift at weekend and by 3pm there was about 4 ppl in the building, he then popped up asking why i was helping another department etc, by 4 wverone else had gone and i was going before i realised i left my phone charger in my desk and went back for it and he was there, he made a few comments at me and then all gobby asked me why i dont wear a skirt while working for him?
i couldnt believe what he asked and called him a perv and he pulles me towards him growling at me that he wanted to f*** me.
dispite hating him and finding him nothing but an arrogant p****, i told him "go on then"
what happened next was the most degrading and animalistic s** i had ever had, he threw me round the office, slapped, choked and ravashed me, i loved it, how i loved getting f***** by someone i absolutly hate i will never know, i gave as good as i got and spat at his, scraped my teeth on his (pretty big) c***. that only made him hold my head and f*** my mouth like he was ducking my p****. i actaully enjoyed him
making me gag in his c***.
we f***** every night the following week we both stayed late, and it carries on for few more weeks while he bece a bigger p**** and a****** even giving me a written warning and f****** me the same day, needless to say i left soon after and found another job,
he was an a****** and i wasnt happy i let him do all that to me, but i will admit, the s** was out of this world

Nov 2, 2016

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  • Hate f****** is some of the best f******. I use to f*** a co worker who shared a job title with me but always tried to be the Boss and was always stealing credit. One time something just clicked and we started f****** hard and rough. That was the only time I let him be "the boss" so I understand completely. Hate f****** is great.

  • Were did he c** the first time?

  • Where, not "were" And does it matter where he came, you "sick f***!"

  • First time he cummed on my face, didnt really have a choice ;)

  • You did have a choice and you chose to have it on your face, fool!

  • So apart from the skirt what was your full work outfit?

  • It's irrelevant! Wack off to something else!

  • Black skirt, white blouse, hair straightened

  • Not a turn on!

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