Having s** with sister in law

I have been having s** with my sister in law (my wife's brother's wife). We've both been married several years, and over time we came to realize that neither of us are satisfied sexually. S** with my wife is ok, but she's not at all adventurous. I'm a little freaky and have tried to lead her that way, but it hasn't worked. She just doesn't crave s** like I do. It must run in the family. My SIL and I both make raunchy jokes, and I could tell she is a bit freaky, also. She would make a raunchy joke a s** move or something like that, and I would say her husband is a lucky man. She would say "yeah, I wish."

One time we were on a family trip and rented a big house. It was late at night, and she and I were the only ones still up. There was a rec room in the basement with a big TV. I went down there to watch it, not knowing she was already there. Earlier she had made a joke about getting lucky that night, so when I saw her, I said, "wow, he came that fast?" She said "he'd have to want to f*** me for that to happen." It got awkward, and she realized she said too much. She probably wanted to divert attention away from herself and said "Well, if you're down here, you apparently came to fast, too." I said "nah, nobody wants to f*** me, either." This led to a conversation about the week not going how either of us had hoped, sexually. Which led into how the last few years hadn't, either. She told me she had bought new underwear for the week. I told her to show it to me. She pulled down the side of her yoga pants and gave me a peek. I gave her a disappointed look. She slid closer to me on the couch and put her hand on my leg. She said it's obvious we're both thinking the same thing, but we have to seriously consider it before going through with it. We both love our spouses very much and don't want to destroy our marriages. But we both need something more. This wouldn't be an affair. It would just be the two of us getting what we need when we can. We agreed to try it once and then act like it never happened. She then told me I could look at her panties. I pulled down her yoga pants as she took off her shirt, and we proceeded to have s**. Nothing too freaky (at least not yet), but it was a huge thrill with our spouses two floors up.

We did it again the following night, but after the trip, we didn't talk about it for a few months. She needed a ride home from the airport, so I volunteered. I asked how her trip was. She shook her head and put her hand down my pants. Her husband wasn't home, and we spent the afternoon f******, and this time it got freaky. This is how it's been for the last two years. We don't go out of our way to hook up, and we don't really talk much outside of family events. But every time we are alone together, we satisfy our needs. We have never talked about running away together or having any sort of relationship beyond occasional s**. We have both said numerous times we don't want that. We still have mediocre s** with our spouses, and otherwise enjoy our lives with them. In a weird way, this has made our marriages stronger.

Nov 3, 2016

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  • God bless you both matured and understanding people. Have a great life ahead!!!!

  • What a great situation. just great s** with no expectations. hope it continues

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