S** with Ambien Wife

My wife is very sweet, good natured, and mild mannered. Early on I suspected that a girl like this would have freaky, s** crazed alter ego in the bedroom, but I was wrong. Our s** is OK for the most part, but it's very tame and usually seems like she's doing me a favor. I can probably count on one hand the number of times my d*** has been in her mouth. She gets offended if I even joke about having a*** s**. She freaked out once when I touched my finger to her butt hole and "joked" about sticking it in. I've tried to get her to come out of her shell, but I came to realize this is just how she is. There is no freak inside her.

She's always had trouble sleeping. I had read stories about people doing crazy things while taking Ambien, including s** stuff. We have a friend who takes it, so I asked her for a couple, to see if it would help my wife. The first time she took it, I just let her sleep. It worked well. The second time I kept her awake after she took it. She started getting very loopy and said she wanted to go to sleep. I told her she had suck my d*** first, and before I knew it, she had it in the back of her throat. After a couple minutes, she was rubbing herself. I have no reason to believe she had ever masturbated before, at least she had always denied it. She asked if I was close, and I said yes. She held out her tongue, with her mouth wide open at the end of my d***. I had never c** in her mouth before, and she was always grossed out by the idea. I told her I wanted to watch her c** first, which she rarely does. Almost as if on command, she threw her head back and let out a moan I had never heard before. She rubbed herself harder and was practically screaming. Before she had even caught her breath, she was back to finishing me off. Right before I came, I said I wanted her to show it to me. I them came in her mouth for the first time. She opened her mouth wide and held it out on her tongue. Some of it dripped down on her b***, which she rubbed over herself. I couldn't believe what was happening. This was a completely different person. She let out a sinister laugh and laid back down on the bed, falling asleep instantly.

The next morning I asked if she had fun last night. She didn't know what I was talking about. I reminded her in detail. She said she remembered me waving my d*** in her face, but then she rolled over and went to sleep. But she did say she slept very well and wanted to get a prescription for Ambien. I encouraged her to go see her doctor right away. I have come to find she will do just about anything while on it, and we've done just about everything. She sometimes remembers having s**, but not much of the details. She is aware the drug is having this effect, but doesn't realize the extent of it. It was actually her idea to try a***. She did vaguely remember that, but I told her it was just my finger. It was even her idea to start filming ourselves, but thankfully she hasn't remembered that yet. She probably wouldn't be happy to realize all the places my "finger" has been.

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  • Years ago, I'd use Tylenol to knock out my hot older sister and have fun with her. Regular, store-bought Tylenol knocked her out within 20 minutes. She'd come home from a part-time job she had at a pizza place/bar, and hit the couch. I'd get her iced tea or whatever, and crush up the pills inside the glass, mixing so they'd dissolve.

    Most times, it was very easy. She'd still have her zip-down uniform on, and, all I had to do was pull the zipper to get her naked and ready. Even did it to/with her in her old apartment, sometimes bringing the extra-strength or cold medicine with me to give to her. Would push her hair over her face, then have at her body for hours. Was always careful to put her back together when I was done.

    I loved when she'd sigh as I'd finger her.

  • Awesome...Am thinking about this...I give her neck rubs where she sits in front of me, facing me on the floor as I sit on the couch. She is topless and has her head in my lap as I rub her neck. Get Her to wear a blindfold. When she is on her ambien, she usually starts to give me a b******* as I wear open, cotton shorts. Thinking of starting this and then having a guy switch with me. Take the blindfold off after a few minutes of her sucking the guy and see what happens. Would guess she would be confused but continue when I tell her to. She might climb in his lap. Would be hot to see.

    Enjoy this video of her, have posted more. Email wifesvideos@yahoo.com for more.


  • God, those vids you posted and shared are hot...how can we hook up so i can c** on your wife?

  • Send email to wifesvideos@yahoo.com

  • Wow i think I'm gona feed my wife some of that.

  • Better living through chemistry.

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