My ex wife was raped before we met

Before my ex-wife and I met she was a coed who worked out at a health spa near her college. She was short skinny and attractive in a small girl sort of way. She liked men.

One night after her workout the manager of the facility asked her to stick around after hours and hang out with him. After everyone left he began talking about s** and she became nervous. She told him she had to go but he barred her way taking her to the back of the building stripping her and forcing her to perform oral s** on him while being sodomized herself.

He gave her her clothes back and told her to leave and never return to the spa.

She never reported the crime. Apparently, she thought it ok for him to be able to do that to other women at the spa.

I personally believe this was why we eventually got divorced. I was sort of a kind laid back man who never under any circumstances would do a thing like he did to her.

She had screaming spells at me and said things about my family and friends while maintaining a friendship with another man herself.

This went on until I had enough. She refused to go to a psychiatrist and was unwilling to even try to do anything about her behavior. I had enough and I filed for divorce.

To any lady or girl here who has been traumatized by sexual assault try not to take it out on an innocent man.

She's married to a brain-damaged man who has to take a row of meds a mile long. He is unable to perform sexually and I guess that's the kind of man she wanted.

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  • Your ex wife prior to that moment that his smile turned upside down she was probably a happy go lucky kind of lady. After his smile turned upside down your ex-wife faced the most horrible scary painful unforgettable shock events of her life. This stronger man immediately attacked her by purposely laying out the S** talk probably in a boys locker room talk. You said he raped her by forcing her to suck his .... , People will say well if you had his D*** in your mouth why didn't you just bite it off. Punch his b**** squeeze them until he passes out. He put her into a state of shock by using methods that scared her he broke He is the manager its his word against hers. He will say all the right things even tell them look she is not even my type i only took the oral because she forced herself on me , am not going to pass up a bj ,, seriously like how would I force her to give me a bj , he would say i should be the one pressing charges. He pulls out his log book shows officers xyz date in book , showing a log that he terminated her membership because she became aggressive not wanting to leave the gym after it had closed making sexual advances on manager. She was probably p***** off that I kicked her out of the gym and wanted to leave right after the BJ cops will say yep thanks for your cooperation , no witnesses , case close done and done , Sounds like she has the ideal situation on cohabitation she has a mentally brain dead husband who she can abuse all she wants treat like s*** punch him kick him yell at him she can do all the things that she wants to do to the j*** that raped her., She b****** and complains about all things. Gives her brain dead husband his medicine he zones out. She jumps in his car takes his money because he gets a check each month from disability etc, she drives over to her buddy her boy toy they play

  • Sad when a marriage breaks down. The effect of rape on a woman seems to be really long and difficult. Something I as a guy do not really have the ability to understand if that's the right word.

  • Have you been raped? Rape isn't gender biased. No one can fully comprehend, the affects of rape. Everyone reacts differently to traumatic experiences and if you've never been raped, you'd never truly understand

  • I have not been raped. I was trying to be sympathetic.

  • I was being diplomatic, informative and articulate in conveying my opinion.
    No offense was intended on my part :)
    Your sympathy was apparent in your comment. But it wasn't articulated well.
    Some people, may misconstrue what you stated :)

  • Ta. Maybe a guy communication difficulty.

  • Maybe :)

  • Rape can be traumatizing, regardless of gender and age!!

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