My girlfriend likes it when i have s** with her stuffed animals

My girlfriend and i realized a few weeks ago that we both love one certain thing, having s** with stuffed animals. i love watching her grind on her teddy bears while i rub my c*** up and down them. anybody else feel this way?

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  • Yes, an ex wanted to watch me f*** someone else but couldn't handle me with another woman so I ended up making a hole in her big teddy bear's crotch and f***** it in front of her. That teddy got filled with a lot of c**! Stunk though so had to throw it out.

  • This got me so h**** that I bought a biggish teddy bear today, I've cut a hole in the crotch and stuffed it with more padding. I f***** it already and it was amazing, I could barely control myself, so f***** up yet so enjoyable. I f***** it shortly after and did a cream pie and ate it all up, just like eating a hairy p****!

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