Exposed my d*** to my boss

My boss is 10 years older than me and fairly attractive. Close up not the prettiest of women, but tall, blonde and skinny, she'a hot enough that I've wanked about her plenty of times.

I offered to lend her something but said she'd have to pick it up after work, I got home 30 mins before she was popping over so deliberately jumped in the shower so when she arrived I was just in my towel. I told her to take a seat while I get it, as I brought out the box, I leant over it to her and as I straightened up, my towel "accidentally" slipped off revealing my erection standing proud at almost eye-level with her. She gasped and looked away as I pretended to be embarrassed and quickly grabbed the towel. As I apologised she looked back at me, and glanced at the bulge I had strategically positioned. She looked away but glanced back again as I pretended not to notice. She quickly left and I wanked off hard after.

That was yesterday, today at work she was a bit quiet. I stood at her desk so my crotch was eye level and she definitely glanced at it. So in the afternoon, I got hard in the toilets, positioned a bulge and when over to her desk again. She glanced at my crotch again but double taked when she saw my bulge. I had to sit at my desk for 20 mins until my b**** went down again.

I'm just thinking how I can expose myself again!

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  • Or you may be doing it for the last time if she's feeling harassed. Be very careful. She may be wondering why the h*** is he doing that.

  • So today we had a meeting, just us. She was staring at my bulge so I just undid my zipper and took it out to she her. She grinned and said put it away, she'll come round later. (!!!!)
    So tonight she came round, she took her wedding ring off and put it on the table, she pulled my pants down and stared at my d*** which was growing hard, she waited, then started sucking me like a pro! Better than any h***** I've been with. She sucked it hard and took it deep, I was doing everything I can to hold back, she noticed and stopped to tell me to f****** c** then. With the next suck, I grabbed her head and forced my d*** deeper and came with barely any control. She started to gag and she grabbed my hands off her haid and she continued suck my d*** until my b**** were empty. Wow wow wow! I was on another planet. She swallowed, smiled, then got on all fours and lifted up her skirt to reveal she had no panties on. She just looked at me and said f*** me. So I did. After about 15 mins she had c** twice and I was on the edge again, so I unloaded a second but much smaller c** sauce inside her. Amazing again. She stayed for a drink and then left, grabbing her wedding ring and laughing. Hope she pops around again tomorrow.

  • So after a few days of random bulges, she said she'll come round after work to drop off the thing she borrowed, she said she'll allow me some time to shower, which I thought was a weird thing to say. So I took it as a hint!

    When she same round, I was just in my robe, but I left it tied loosely so after a second or two my hard d*** was fully poking out as she stood in my hallway. She was looking directly at it so I invited her in for a drink and walked into my lounge. She followed and I got a bottle of wine and poured her a glass. She sat down as I stood there, d*** standing proud. Then she broke the silence with "I've been thinking about your d*** since the other day". Result!

    I dropped my robe, and asked what she had been thinking about. After some silence, she mention about sucking it, my d*** literally twitched with excitement which she noticed. She spoke some more before I moved closer and closer to the point I could feel her breath on my d***. Then she put her hand around and put her lips around it. She gave it a few gentle sucks and then stopped. I was literally a second or two away from c****** so so hard. She got up and said she should leave. I said ok but grabbed her and kissed her. We kissed for a few minutes, the she said she should leave again. She caught a sight of my d*** dribbling with precum and told me to have a w***! Then she quickly left. Needless to say I had c** before she had even left the driveway! F*** knows what tomorrow will be like!

  • You've definitely made her think about you in sexual ways too. Just keep it up and keep us posted. ;)

  • More fun today, I stood by my bosses' desk as she sat there while we discussed work, I wasn't entirely focused though as I managed to get a semi erection while chatting, enough for her to notice a bulge forming when moments before it was flat. Then later on I went over with a full hard-on, bulging as big I could, especially as I leaned over and brushed it against her arm. After that I had to go and w*** off before getting back to doing some work!

  • How does she look ? how old is she and you?

  • She is quite attractive, long blonde hair, tall, very slim, small b******, long legs, wears nice heels with her short skirts. Up close she shows her age a bit. She is early 40's, and I'm early 30's. She is married, however, that may not be much of a barrier...

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