A*** Addict

I confess that I would much rather be f***** deep hard and rough in my ass than my p****. The a*** s** is better , more stimulating, awesome o***** and if I had to choose which I was going to be f***** in for the rest of my life. I would choose my ass every time. I have even fantasized about my p**** being surgically stapled shut by a very tough dominate male because if I only want a*** thats what I will get. Being forcefully fisted is painful but the pain brings me intense pleasure. Am I sick and perverted because I get so turned on by this and will only do a*** s**?

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  • Don't give up your options; you might like DPs too.

  • I'd pile drive you so deep. Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • Bend over, I want to f*** your a***

  • You're not sick or perverted. Everyone has their own fantasy or fetish.

  • No, you're not sick, nor perverted. You might just be a troll, but you're not sick or perverted. Just do whatever you enjoy and don't worry so much about it. If you like getting f***** in the ass then simply find a guy who likes f****** you in the ass and go nuts.

    How come you're even worried about it? Where do you live? Is a*** some big taboo there or something?

  • YOU sorely need to put this in perspective mach II fool. This scumbag IS indeed perverted & demented and so are many others that actually believe this sort of crap is normal or legitimate. More importantly, we'll add that this is precisely WHY it's not only stupid, it's also why it's a form of sodomy & why it is a felonious act. It's also a prime way to spread bacteria & diseases. You people are perverted AND STUPID.

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