Sister in law flashed her p****

This past summer my wife (38) and her sister (27) were at the cabin, I had the weekend off so I drove up on Saturday morning and by the time I got there the girls had already started drinking while sitting on the deck.
The kids were bugging my sister in law to swim with them so she threw on her bikini and swam with them for a bit then came back up to the cabin, She had on a cover up and had peeled off her wet bikini from underneath, I was enjoying the show as she has a really nice body, Tall with DD's and a pretty slim build, Her b**** were jiggling every time she moved and her bum jiggled as she walked, Her coverup was loose fitting but clung to her body nicely and was obviously shorter than she thought, She walked past my wife and one of the kids dropped their fork, She bent over to pick it up and her bum was facing me, I looked at her as she bent and got a nice flash from behind, Later that afternoon her and my wife were messing around and my wife smacked her sisters ass with a fly swatter, Her little sister spun around and did her best karate kick at my wife, I was sitting beside my wife and both of us leaned back, As she kicked her leg, Obviously forgetting her lack of underwear my wife said "Whoa...", Her sister realized immediately what she had just done and flipped around disappearing into the cabin, She returned a few minutes later in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt red faced and embarrassed.
My wife never said anything that night, I think she was drunk enough she forgot about it but the next night she called me when I got home and after her sister had gone home, She said "Did you see it", I just laughed and said "Yup" and she left it at that.

Nov 10, 2016

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  • My ex's sister in law was a tall, European hot woman with an amazing body and very free spirit. She and I got along notably well, as kind of the "outsiders" of sort, marrying into a dysfunctional family. They'd visit on occasion, and, "Christie" (name change) would act like she was home, often leaving the bathroom door open as she showered and doing her hair topless or naked. I loved every minute of it.

    One weekend, Christie was in the bathroom, door cracked open enough to see in without much effort. I'd seen her naked several times, but this time...Saw her applying skin cream to her upper body, slathering it all over her t*** and midsection. Hottest damn thing I'd ever see her do, as she clearly took pleasure in it. I stayed a few seconds too long, and, she came out, robe on but pretty open. Knew I'd seen her slathering herself with the skin cream, and, how hard it made me.

    "Enjoy that?" she said with a sly smile. I admitted yes, and she quick-commented as walked away "Keep it quiet and you can help next time".. Took a few visits, but, I did end up helping her apply and slather the cream all over herself. Damn that was hot.. I so freaking miss her.

  • You sound like a great husband

  • Wow. B****

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