Dumb a****

Oh my god America.....
What have you done?
Did you learn nothing from Germanys mistake with Hitler?

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  • No, we didn't. We won't learn from this, either. The stupids among us, which breed like cockroaches, will continue to squall louder and louder every time a sensible voice like yours is raised.

    People keep mumbling about how the Middle East should be bombed into a big glass bowl. Someone should practice on the areas of the US that have the same kind of extremists, just in different clothing and waving around a different "holy" book.

  • America is and has always, been f*****! Donald Trump won't make it any better! Good luck America, you need it!

  • Move to mexico and get the f*** out of here. I'll help you pack, you dumb t***. He's better than Hilary X10. Hilary is a criminal and deserves to be in jail.

  • America is going to be great again under his and his cabinet's leadership. F*** the doubters. Move to Mexico or Canada.

  • Leadership? Your imperious 'leader' has no policies -- unless you refer to a reaffirmation of nationalism as 'leadership.' The nation state has been obsolete for the past 100 years. As communications and technology in general advance, the nation becomes increasingly irrelevant. The affirmation of nationalism is contradicted by the necessity of integrating the means of production and distribution into the world system. Corporations, industries and nations which refuse to do this haven't a prayer.

    Moreover, the most destabilizing economic factor on the planet is the American dollar. The most destabilizing political factor on the planet is the American government.

    You've run a fraudulent election offering the worst candidates ever. This is the end result of 40 years of 'lesser evil' voting. It is clear now that neither bourgeois party has any intention of licensing even a minimum level of democratic participation.

    So no to elections [no, I didn't vote]. No to jury service. No to judges. No to the courts. No to the judicial rulings. No to the police. No to the military. No to domestic policy. No to foreign policy. No to more wars. No to the constitution. No to the beatific vision of glories that will never be revealed because they are postponed perpetually -- ever just around the corner of the next election cycle. No to your parties. No to your policies. No to your national identity. No to the civic narrative.

    I look forward to hearing you explain how your glorious leader is to usher into existence this millennial Pax Americana as more people every day learn the meaning of political dissent by saying 'NO' and, looking the state in the eye, denounce it as the w**** that it is.

  • The world is going to end in 2020, so it doesn't matter!

  • Just like it did all the other times retards like you slobbered about "end times?" Go away.

  • The Benighted States of Amnesia will learn soon enough what it has wrought.

    Humpty Trumpty has nothing. He betrays no idea what policy looks like or how it functions. He shows no grasp of international relations, and evidences little inclination to listen to those who do.

    Incidentally, Germany media is now demanding massive rearmament. It seems that the Huns learned nothing from Hitler either...


  • Trust me, I did not vote for that orange skinned macho piece of garbage named Trump I have no idea how he is now president. I think that the people that voted for him are misogynistic, anti gay, racist white men (and some ignorant white women). There are waaaay more ignorant people in the USA than liberal ones like myself. I loathe Republicunts, but there are plenty of them out here and they outnumbered us Hillary supporters. Clinton won my home state/city of New York.... hey we tried!

  • You dumb ASS you would rather have Clinton in there then Trump after all that c*** has done she should be in prison there is no one in politics as corrupt and crooked as that c*** and she is a champion lier she is so good at it if she gets cought in a lie she just says she misspoke but she is good at it do you know how you can tell if she is lieing her mouth is moving you and the rest of her supporters should be on disability being so blind and so easily led astray how do you liberals function in everyday life

  • So more than half of the world's population are misogynistic, anti gay, racist, and white? Trump might be misogynistic, and racist. But he knows what he's doing. Quite frankly, the only reason why i voted for him is because he's better than Clinton. Clinton: a liar, the woman who gave out government secrets like candy and deleted the e-mails, and the woman who hopefully be in jail soon. Hate to break it to you, but the only ignorant person i see is you. And before you tell me you're not ignorant, look up the meaning. No wait, don't bother. Here is the definition word for word:
    "lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated."

  • Actually, very few in the US have any idea what either of these equally unworthy candidates means.

    For years, and under successive reichadistrations, the scaffolding of a police state has been put in place. In the past few years that reactionary politics has asserted itself, you're seeing why. Oh, and these 'protests' are but a small portent of what is to come.

    Remember B***** Sunday, 1905? That will look like a picnic.

  • Go to Canada.

  • If you're unhappy, rather than rioting and complaining channel that passion into something more productive. Come up with ideas that will make your community better. The fact that the competition for power between ideologies in this country is peaceful is something very rare and special. Everyone who is comparing Trump to Hitler is not only hurting their own message, they are also factually incorrect and are insulting all those murdered by Hitler's regime. Trump has some ideas you don't agree with. Hitler committed genocide. There's a huge difference.

  • Two right-wing bourgeois factions do not constitute competing ideologies. Oh, and we are now involved in what -- seven wars? Looks to me as if the constitution has been rendered inoperative.

  • And your preference would be what, communism? There was a great opportunity for a 3rd party this time around. But the candidates they put up sucked royally.

  • You're thinking Stalin and his ridiculous 'socialism in one country.' Marx' concluding words n his manifesto: 'Workers of the world -- UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your chains.'

    The state has failed to justify its continued existence. I'll watch its collapse with contentment. What -- no helping hand? You got it! Just watch ...

  • America has just played the biggest joke on itself, and we in the civilised world just laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. America just elected a 4 inch d***

  • There's nothing you can or will do about it at this stage. Like all the whining and crying of celebrities like Cher and Madonna, too late. You may not like it, they may not like it, and the millions of Latinos and Blacks who didn't sat it out rather than vote may not like it, but you know what? It means nothing now. Just like those threats from dummies who threatened to leave the US but now go "Only kidding." You lost. Your voice is drowned out. This is a new era, one in which the pretenses of human decency mean nothing. Blacks? Mean nothing. Gays? Back into the closet, and in a couple years we'll act shocked when they start getting thrown from the observation decks of Trump Towers. Women? Get back in the kitchen, get used to thinking of yourselves as property. Foreigners? All these years of putting down White America have turned on you. Now to be clear, this is not what I want. I'm not happy about any of it. My America just elected a demagogue on a campaign of hate and fear. Still, you will want to whine at me and call you names for pointing all this out. But like that dipstick who constantly posts about in-laws, or the one who hates baby boys, nothing I can say or do will stop it. We all lost, even those who think they won. Keep crying. Over these last 20 years, while leftists whine, and cry, the right has armed themselves to the teeth, huddled up, turned bitter, and waited for the right man to get behind. Now we're all going to h*** for it. You have responsibility for that too and don't pretend you don't. So relax. Just bend over and take it. Take it hard. We're powerless.

  • This is a lie. So called 'white' America has not turned on anyone. What happened Tuesday was a WORKING CLASS response to eight years of 'hope' betrayed. This was totally deserved, but at this point -- NO working class answer exists.

    Workers of the world -- UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

  • You mean the blacks and latinos who sat it out rather than vote, but I see what you mean

  • I am latino and i voted for Trump. I have black friends that votes for Trump. Don't speak for us.

  • Don't worry, we won't. Not because of your skin color-- put away that race card-- but because you're idiots. That's been one silver lining the last couple of years, watching fools like you act surprised when the snake you carried across the river turns and bites you. Much popcorn being consumed while you snivel and run for your lives. Have fun! :)

  • Cut the drama

  • There is a huge difference.
    We should be pleased that democracy has worked.

  • 'Democracy' is a propaganda lie utilized by illicit states to facilitate hegemonic control over their respective populations. 'Democracy' is based on the premise as simple as it is ingenious as it is effective -- that if you THINK you are free ... you won't develop any problematic urge to BECOME free...

    You will instead be a nice, quiet, passive, manageable, respectful, doting little taxpayer -- a model citizen that is content to live a second-hand life tailored in the interest of bourgeois politicians.

  • Who exactly has it worked for?

  • Can you suggest a better system?

  • Nationalize the gigantic corporations -- energy, transportation, communication, etc. Put them under worker management. Eliminate the need for profit, which can be translated into savings for the consumer.

    Democratize political power. Locate he power of decision in the local community.

  • No presidential campaign and no one in power

  • Dumbfuck. It will be the end of Americans. You think the US is f***** now? If there's no president and nobody in power, the USA will fall apart. Just go to Mexico or Canada and weep your eyes out, ignorant c***

  • Perhaps the state needs to fall so we can begin again and do a better job at it ... Just a thought.

  • That would be a great idea if people learned from previous mistakes. We didn't, we haven't, we won't, and probably never will.

  • I agree

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