Showing my genitals

My second daughter would often walk into the bathroom or the bedroom to speak to me, often when I'd be getting ready for a shower or bath, and would often follow me in and talk to me when I was naked, laying in the bath. Her two sisters would do the same, but once they were 10 or thereabouts, they stopped, however my second daughter continued to come for our chats, even when she started developing a young woman's body, I expected her to stop, but she didn't. I felt both uncomfortable and excited at the same time as she was very pretty and so I would often pretend to get changed and expose my p****, waiting for her to pop in, which she usually did if I waited long enough. Sometimes she'd walk passed my room and I would have the door open enough that if she looked in she would see my p****. Quite often she'd stop and come in for a chat. I could see her eyes glancing down and sometimes she'd smile as if amused.
One day when she was about 13 and was off to school, she came in to my room to say goodbye. I was out of bed with only a tea-shirt on, and I had an erection. I hadn't been sure she'd come in, but it was exciting to think if she did, she would catch me with a h******. She did come in and immediately saw my erect p****. She came up to me and kissed me goodbye, but kept looking at my p**** with a cheeky, amused grin, even when leaving the room.I couldn't help being aroused and very excited that she had seen it.
I know that I'm not particularly well-endowed, but I had it confirmed, as for a long while, my daughter would refer to me as "little Daddy" with a grin on her face and a glance at my crotch. Over the following years, I continued exposing myself to her, in a "careless" way, as if by accident, which did seem to amuse her. It was humiliating to have my young daughter tell me I have a small p****, particularly as she was only aged 13, but at the same time the humiliation excited me, and continues to do so still.



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  • Love it, man. Great job. Thinking back on something like that would get me hard anytime, like right now.

  • Same here, queen elizabeth has insulted me enough. I am just wondering why she insults me so much all the time over the past 30 or so years. how would she like to be insulted? when will she stop insulting me? afterall how crude is she and what bad things has she done that need to be exposed before she dies. showing her gentials for a album cover of a thrash band at her age. what next?

  • You worthless stinking pervert.

  • How about the hate comments stop? If you're going to be complete a******* to people who want to confess something that would have litterally killed them, then you're the douches and scumbags.

  • Although the theme of your account is possible, I find it highly unlikely. Certainly you knew you'd draw the previous angry responses from liberals that hide behind their artificial moral curtain. From a psychological perspective & if you indeed have a small P****, your account here may be found as a method of you seeking females to accept your penile proportions. i.e. rather than being a true account, I have decided to digest this account as fantasy in writing. As you were.

  • Nauseating.

  • Fcker. Gross. Fck off. i hope you land in jail and end up taking it up the a$$ from big bubba every fcking night.

  • You talking about the father or the daughter?

  • I agree. Your a sick son of a b**** and you know it. This stupid preferred story, if true should land you in jail. Stupid SOB!

  • Well you certainly are a sick perverted scumbag aren't you? This could land you in jail and I hope it does.

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