Jack Morley New Hampshire McDonald's O*****

My name is Jack Morley and I live in New Hampshire. I shave the hair off my WHOLE body. I have a 3 inch erection. Last summer I went for a drive naked. I pulled into a McDonalds in Gorham, NH. I began playing with myself as I waited in the drive-thru. Just as I was handed a milkshake I e********* hot, white, c** all over the steering wheel. The waitress smiled and held back laughs as she gave me the change. I gave her a c** soaked $10 bill as a tip and drove away happy. Am I bad?

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  • This is Jack and I’ve found yet another hobby.I recently purchased a hollow d**** which I wear under my pants or nylon summer shorts. Everyone must think I have a 12 inch d***. You should see the looks I get on the street, in bars, at Walmart here in Berlin NH,and elsewhere. If only they knew I really have a 3 inch erection.

  • Jack has a 3 inch erection. According to Lifestyles condom company research 9,999 out of every 10,000 men are bigger than Jack. Maybe that's why he's an exhibitionist!

  • Hey Jack, this is Julie Hastings. Remember me? You had s** with me once when I was passed out! You shaved off some of my pubic hair for some sort of trophy. Just wanted to get on here and tell everyone you now live in Berlin, New Hampshire and that your Email is dogeatdog12@yahoo.com. Hope you get lots of harassment!

  • I know to well about the 3 inch.... Mine does bring smiles when seen

  • I am Jack Morley and this is all true

  • He must dream of this Jack Morley being naked? Or this could be a guy we hear about that gets arrested.

  • You must hate Jack Morley

  • Lol so true

  • I just exposed myself to a 15 yo girl

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