P**** size and boyfriends fantasy

My boyfriend of 6 years fantasizes about watching me with other men, it began about a year after we began our relationship, small comments during s**, started by the size or lack of his p****, its almost 5" long but less than 4" in girth, over time his talk during s** got more explicit and he began using s** toys, d***** dongs which got larger, a couple of years back he began wearing p**** sleeves, they also got bigger and bigger, then he was very upfront about wanting to watch me with a well hung male.
I told him I wasn't comfortable but the truth was during s** the large sleeves and fantasy got me very into it and i had some amazing o******.
I work in a very big company, several thousand staff and about 8 months ago a male in another department I occasionally deal with became friendly with me. I ran into him on a Saturday afternoon, he was cycling and had those shorts on and I could see he had a large bulge, over the next month we had a couple of after work drinks and the third time my boyfriend was away so when my work friend invited me back to his place I accepted.
The s** was amazing and we get together at least once a week for s**.
I have thought about my boyfriends fantasy but for some strange reason i don't feel comfortable.
I feel very hypocritical.

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  • Sit down with him and talk about it.

  • Make him watch,let him hear you whimper and squeal as that big c*** fulfills your needs and desires and pleasures you completely,he can't deny you this as he sowed the seed in you to think about it in the first instance didn't he,he will enjoy it no end as do I watching my Mrs of 52 f*** young hung 17-25 year olds a few times a year,I'm not small at just over 7" and nearly 6" circumference but she now loves 8-10" c*** that f**** for far longer than I can,am 61 now and although very fit and muscular I don't have the same stamina and also enjoy watching more then eating a well f***** c*** before firing mine off for her

  • This so could be my life... p**** extensions...and asking my G/F at 15 teen to have s** with other men... this continued and we married for 29 years.. she changed over night for about 4 weeks and we had a 3 some with a guy that had a 8 inch. we later set up a G******* of 4 guys.. However i canceled it as the terms and dos and fonts worried me... she was sort of not happy... so good on ya for taking that leap..

  • I have the same fantasy as your bf. Arrange for your work friend to come to your house. Half an hour before, sit your boyfriend down, tell him you've been f****** tuis well hung guy behind his back but today your bf is going to watch you get f***** by this guy's enormous d***. Your bf will be upset but too h**** to care much. Tuck the guy good, moaning like you never have with your bf. Then afterwards f*** your bf's d*** and laugh about how you can't feel him. The humiliation will make him c**. Then make him eat your p**** clean from husband the other guy's c**. It'll be amazing!

  • It happened to me like you B/F and i to have a small p****.... we eventually went different ways after 29 years

  • You should come clean with him, if anything so both of you could enjoy the fact you're getting exactly what you both want.

  • Yes tell him... you will be surprised

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