I'm 19 years old and have never had any form of a relationship with a guy. I fear that If I don't start soon I might end up alone.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • OMG! You're only young! Stop fretting about this,as it's not worth it! Focus on other areas of your life and everything else,will fall into place!
    Not being in a relationship at 19,isn't a concern /issue,to be worried about.There are more important things in life,to concern yourself with.
    If you're a student and ambitious,concentrate on achieving your ambitions and life goals.You'll meet someone you like and intend to have a relationship with,when you least expect it.
    Don't force it to happen,just live your life and enjoy being young!

  • OMG I feel like I wrote this... how creepy.

  • I always had relationships as a teenager and would make fun of my older sister for never having a boyfriend. Her first boyfriend at 24 turned into out to be the love of her life and is now her husband.... I'm 25 and single. Maybe waiting for Mr. Right is the better route instead of wasting years of your life with "just a boyfriend".

  • Write to that 14 year old further up the list who can't stop having s**. The two of you should hook up.

  • i have a cat

  • ^lol

  • You must be really fat or ugly. Go get yourself a cat.

  • im 20 and i still feel the exact same way..just hang in there.

  • 19 is still young, don't stress too much.

  • Wow same here!!! creepy.

  • You'll get yours!!!

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