Daughters panties

I get so h**** at home when hubby is away I began to watch mum and daughter s** videos ,was so turned on by daughters soiled knickers ,decided to experiment on my young daughters , I strip naked and slowly lick and sniff the insides of her panties , the more soiled the better ,would like to know of like minded mums

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  • Im a single man and 15yo daughter come to stay with me for 2 months. I took her shopping a d let her buy those tiny valleyball spandex shorts (light colors) shes chubby with a big developed butt! Omg i had never j******* so much. I love how it looks in the front. I wish i could post a camel toe pic on here but i cant

  • So hot. I love to ruby myself into her panties.

  • Mmmm tell more

  • I get wet reading this my daughters panties tastes so good while m********* when husband at work

  • I love you already

  • I like sniffing licking my mothers panties her tasta just makes me hard also like wearing her panties bras slips

  • I've jerked off into my daughter's panties. My wife knows about it and said next time that she wants to watch. Daughter is 15

  • Cant believe no one is f****** the 15yo yet.

  • Glad I'm not the only one. I've been lucky enough that one night I heard my daughter masturbating in the computer room. After she went to bed I tip toed into her room and found her wet panties. But now I want to actually eat her out but I know i never can..... besides the fact that she's my daughter but is also 13

  • I'd be at least licking her and probably fuxking her deep

  • Hie how about we chat someday. why dont you message me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • Thanks for the post. That's very common. I admit that I have used my sisters panties too.

  • How old is your daughter?

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