Recently my mother in law saw me undressed I made sure she saw everything. I want to do it again but this time see her reaction because I do believe she liked it. When would be best time to do again?

Nov 20, 2016

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  • My mother in-law caught me naked in the kitchen and we were both a bit embarrassed and never spoke about it. A few months later I see her walking over and get naked again and she comes up the steps opens the kitchen door and looks up an there I am gently stroking a soft shaft, come on in I said, you've seen me naked before. I'm just finishing lunch and going to look at some p o r n and pleasure myself, oh, well I better leave she said, come and sit I told her, I'll only be a minute. That minute turned into an hour of Dottie and I looking at p o r n, she sat right next to me while I shot bits of pre c u m, some landing on her bare legs. I so wanted to ask her to stroke me but I didn't. When I came I moaned oh Dottie, oh Dottie this is for you and wanked c u m all over her clothes and skin, some even landed on her bare cleavage. Shows over I said, thanks for watching and we'll do it again soon and my 83yo mil went home. I wonder what she did with my s p u n k?

  • I have been married for nearly 10 years and my mother-in-law has seen me naked and I have seen her naked a number of times. No big deal. I would say on average she spends as many nights in our house as she does in hers and when me and my missus go on holiday we take her with us. We usually go in our motorhome and there is no point being coy in there! On a few occasions we have fondled one another but again it is no big deal just a bit of fun, we have never had full s**. Usually we would only fondle when my wife is present, for example when we are sat watching TV at night we would be undressed and ready for bed and she and my missus wear short and revealing nighties btw. She often lays on the sofa with her head on my lap and of course I get an erection and she will then usually touch me or move her head up and down on my d***. More than once she has made me c** doing this and the girls thought it was hilarious and I was a bit embarrassed. Living this close causes these things to happen. We never shut our bedroom door and she will often walk in while we are having s** and she will sit and watch.

  • When you are both dead

  • Will do this as well

  • In precisely ten years, six months, five days, seven hours, forty-one seconds, and nine one hundredth of a second from the date stamped on this comment. I might give a s*** by then.

  • I do believe you have absolutely no idea what she thought

  • I would say that the best time is as soon as you wake up from this dream you're having.

  • 5:34 p.m. what a strange question.

  • What are you. Stupid. Insane. Just plain weird. Next you'll be b******* on here because your wife left you. Bizarre.

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