Husband and a bf

I've been married for 10 years. My husband works construction. He is out of town quite often as some jobs are out of town. I also have a boyfriend. My boyfriend knows about my husband and doesn't care. My husband is gone for sometimes up to a week. When he is back from one of his long jobs, the s** is great. I am an eager c*** sucker. When he's gone, I perform for my bf. My s** drive is pretty high and I don't like going a week without s**. I really don't feel any remorse.

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  • This 24 year old girl in another country seriously wants my baby. I have known her for a year and she has had her childhood bf for many years now. Since they both in college far from each other,they only meet once in a while for s**. I encourage her to have s** with him but not get pregnant. She agrees that she will let him enjoy her pus$y but not her womb;she has reserved that for me to fill up next summer after she graduates. In the same country,I gave a 30 year old fine lady a son born this last summer. I always wonder if she is sleeping with other men or not. I haven't seen her for a year now,but plan to next summer and try knocking her up again.

  • You are doing what millions of others are doing. My hubby is a long distance trucker and I have s** with another guy while he is gone, and I have pretty good evidnce that he has s** with other women too. No biggy. We are still madly in love and the s** is great when he is home.

  • As long as you are being safe and taking care of your husband sexually when he comes home ,I don't see the problem. I worked out of town for years and would be gone as long as two weeks at a time . On many occasions three and four weeks with out making it back home because the travel was just to far.I'm sure my wife was f****** other men during those times ,just as I was f****** other women . It would be crazy to want to force each other to go without s** that long just because we were apart. The s** was always great when I got back home , like you ,my wife was eager to suck my c***.

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