Enjoying s** again

I am a 55 year old woman and married since I was 18. We had a normal if somewhat vanilla s** life until I started menopause. Then I just didn't feel like s**. Now my s** drive has returned and my husband has the desire but he can't maintain his erections, it was very frustrating.
Now after discussing our problem, his solution was to open our marriage. It isn't kinky like he has to watch or hear any details. All I have to do is be discreet and safe.
I was really uncomfortable with the whole arrangement, that is until my first time. It was a spontaneous thing, nothing arranged it just happened. We were on vacation, having drinks after dinner and I was sitting at a bar and younger man came up and started chatting me up while my husband was away. I didn't know but my husband saw it as he was coming back, saw that I was enjoying myself so he just went back to our room.
I was a bit miffed that my husband hadn't returned so when this man asked if I wanted to dance, I did.
One thing lead to another and we ended back in his room. He was a very good lover, and the excitement soon over came any hesitation I'd had. It was a very eye opening experience. I was never vocal with my husband, but we told each other what felt good. Each time that I thought our s** was over he'd just kiss and hold me and then it would start all over again. I'd had always need a vibrator to o***** with my husband but with this man I orgasmed several times before he did. Funny the last time we did it, as I felt his release I wrapped my legs around him to draw him in deep moaned in delight and then I laughed, that is just how good it felt.
We enjoyed the afterglow then as we were both sweaty got in in the shower and washed each other. I ended up giving him oral and swallowed his load, never did that with husband because always thought it was repulsive. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, not only the taste, but how empowering it made me feel.
I made my way back to our room, undressed and crawled into bed. My husband turned over and put his arm around me, I was going to say something but he just kissed me, said he loved me and it was time to sleep.
That is how our open marriage started. I don't think of myself as some sort of s** crazy nympho. I don't feel as if I need approval from my husband all I feel from him is love. I feel liberated in a way. It might be our secret. I know that none of our friends or family would understand and of course they would be judgmental.

Nov 22, 2016

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  • I just need to get a woman to give me bi-racial kids.

  • Yeah, that really applies here. How stupid are you?

  • Stupid people love to breed. Especially stupid black dudes, at least on this site

  • V*****!

  • Do what works for you. No one needs to know what makes your marriage work as long as you and your husband are happy . Three years ago after not having any sexual contact with my wife for over a year ,because she just had no desire for s** I finally broke down and told her I had to have physical contact with a woman . I still needed s** even if she didn't want or need it. After a long discussion , we came to the simply agreement of me getting the sexual relief I still want and need. The rules were simple, First it could never be someone she knew, second it was to be kept discreet so as not to humiliate her( which I would never do) and finally she didn't want to know anything about it. I met a woman in a very similar situation as mine only in the reverse. We meet every week enjoy ourselves in the bedroom and go our separate ways. It has kept our marriage together.

  • I wish my marriage is like that! My wife would NEVER go for it...

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