What the h***!!!!

I had recently gone to visit my sister, She has a "Girls night" once a month with 10 of her friends, Since I was at her house on the night they were going out she invited me out as well, We drank and partied until almost 1:30, My sister, Her friend and I were having our last drink and were the only ones left, We started talking about our husbands/boyfriend (for me), and the topic of "Size' came up, I told them my boyfriend was big which I always thought he was, My sisters friend said "Has she seen it?", My sister laughed and said "No", Her friend whispered "Really, Never", my sister laughed and said "Not everyone is as fascinated with it as you are", They both laughed and I said "With what", My sisters friend said "With ****'s...Um...You know", Pointing at her lap, They both laughed and my sister said "Oh stop", I admit I was almost instantly intrigued but didn't say anything, Her friend said "Look at her, She is begging to see it", I felt my face turn red, My sister looked at me and said "Ok", She pulled out her phone and punched in the code then scrolled through some pictures and handed her phone to me, my brother in law is a tall, decent looking guy with an average build but I had never thought about his (Package), Him and my boyfriend are similarly built and I guess I just kind of assumed they would be similar, I looked at the phone and it was on a picture of him in his underwear, My sister said scroll to the left, I scrolled and her friend slid up beside me, I looked at her and she was already excited, I scrolled and got to a picture of him with both hands around the shaft with a gap between them, The next picture made me pull my head back, my eyes got wide and I looked at her friend, Her friend said "just wait", I scrolled to the next picture and it was a side shot of him fully erect with his p**** standing up hard and enormous, I looked at her friend and she laughed saying "Right?", I was a bit in shock and awe, I scrolled through a couple more pictures and then shook my head and handed the phone to my sister.
I looked at her and said "Wow, I...", My sister and her friend just laughed and my sister said "Ok, Ok", We finished our drinks and were getting ready to call it a night and her friend said "Want to come over to my place?", I was kind of caught off guard and my sister said "Um...No, She doesn't" and laughed, They looked at each other and her friend said "No?", My sister said "No", I was sitting between them and looking back and forth as they talked, I looked at my sister and said "No?", She said "Um...No, I don't think you do", Her friend said "Maybe I should come over to your place?", My sister giggled and said "Not tonight", Her friend kept pushing and my sister kept saying no, Finally when the cab pulled into her drive she looked at my sister and said "No?", She bit her lip and said "Um...No, Not tonight", She said "Ok" and made a pouty face.
I was super confused and as we backed out I asked "So...What was all that?", She kept changing the subject but when we got back to her place we poured a glass of wine and I said "Ok, I know something is up, What was she inviting over for?", my sister looked at me and started chewing her nails which I know is a tell tale sign, I said "come on, what's up?", She said "Alright...She was inviting you over to sleep with them", I choked and whispered "WHAT", I looked at her and said "Um...She invited you over then tried to invite herself over here", Her face was beet red and she looked at me, She said "Yeah", I said "Ok, so, you guys do that?", She immediately started defending it saying that it started out as just a one time thing with the four of them but had turned into a bit more of a regular thing a couple times a month, I said "So she wanted me to bang her husband?', She said "And her", I didn't know what to say and just sat there absorbing the information I just received.
We sat and talked for a long time before going to bed just as the sun was coming up, Holy, That is a lot to absorb, My head is still reeling.

Nov 22, 2016

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  • F*** both of them and tell us in a future story and then the stories after that

  • NOT happening, Ever, Not in this lifetime or the next.

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