Kids suck

I hate being a dad. Because i dont want to hurt my kids or my wife by leaving them. I stay, convincing myself that my love for them is enough, but it isnt. I was meant to be alone. I was never meant to have children.

I love them, i hate having them. They are my responsibility and i will be the best i can for them. But it is aging me one day at a time.

I have no patience for them. I get bored with their redundant play. I try to find the love in the moments, but there is more pain than joy on raising children.

By the time they are old enough to hang out ill be too old to care.

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  • Loving the butthurt responses here, including the way beyond tired "Dur, you wuz a kid once too yuh know!"

    OP is right, kids suck. This is because they're humans, but without filters or hard-earned cunning. As much as people suck, kids take it to another level. Don't EVEN get me started on "parents," most of whom shouldn't have bred. The ones whining the loudest on this confession are exactly the ones who should've either swallowed or kept their legs closed.

  • Kids don't suck. You do. I wish you were never born. You are a worthless piece of s***, after all. Humanity's extermination is so painfully necessary after endless confessions just like yours.

    I hope you die.

  • I feel sorry for your kids, to have such a c*** for a father.

  • I can understand to a certain extent, how you feel. However, please don't forget, that you was once a kid yourself.

    I'm sorry you feel that way, about parenthood. I chose not to have children, because I directly witnessed what my mother experienced, being a parent.

    However, you chose to have children and can't change that.
    Do you have anyone you can trust, to confide your feelings to? Your partner perhaps?

  • Same. Hate parenthood witba all of my heart if I knew then what I know now I would get my god damned uterus sucked out.

  • Sorry to hear that mate. Kids love being with their dads.

  • Not all kids do. Everyone is different and have different social environments/family relationships etc.

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