A man was on trial for rape and I was on the jury

The man was obviously guilty of raping a ten-year-old Mexican girl. Her parents were here illegally. The childs injuries were so severe that she will never be able to have babies of her own. Her parents hesitated to call the police at first but the girl was bleeding so profusely that she was taken to a hospital where the staff called the police.

The man on trial had been using cocaine and his defence attorney had no defence. The police had done their job thoroughly and they had his DNA and some eye witnesses who had come forward.

We found him guilty of all charges, rape, assault against a minor and endangering a child.

The judge was an older man who called the rapist an animal and he was sentenced to life with parole being possible after thirty years. The man was in his late forties and he will be nearly eighty before he can even apply for parole.

I heard on the grapevine that the rapist had been beaten to a pulp by other inmates who were outraged about the crime he had committed.

I think he would have been better off had he pleaded guilty instead of going before a jury. His sentence would have been just as harsh but he would have been spared our disgust and recommendation that he be sentenced to life and never released.

We the jurors would have recommended the death penalty if we could. The girl was small for her age and she looked younger than ten. Maybe seven or eight.

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  • You're not my boss ken, now stop your little girl/little boy act with me right now you stupid rapist. ken should be on trail for rape. our family have had enough. I am not special I am just white, being ethnic of another type takes guts to get rights as only white women understand this that ethnics do not, but ken should be in jail with joyce both of them sent away to the pits of h***.

  • That's our legal sysyem at work

  • If you're ever in the situation again, recommend whatever sentence you want. When a jury is formed, it is the judge, and the 'judge' becomes a referee.

    This is one of the worst of all offenses. Things like that make it worse for all inmates. It shouldn't be that way, but it is. So in the criminal world, it is understood that someone who commits such a crime is in for a very rough time from fellow inmates.

  • You did your job as a juror , you listened to the evidence and found him guilty. You should not feel the slightest bit bad for him. He is a horrible piece of garbage the world would be better off without!

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