F***** on the balcony while my fb slept

Guy friend just broke up with his gf but I had secretly been talking to him for awhile always turned sexual. He stayed at our hous on the weekend and while my boyfriend was taking a shower in the morning I sucked his d*** and he came in my mouth. I showed him his c** before I swallowed. We then went to the beach as if nothing happened. When we got back to my place my bf went to shower and I begged my friend to let mmmmmm feel him inside me and he said yes so I he pulled his d*** out and I bounced on it for a bit. He then bent me over and ate me from behind then licked my a****** which I never had done to me before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Later that night when my bf slept we sat on the balcony and he fingered me in the in both holes. A first for me it was so good I begged him to just take me and so I sat on his lap and he f***** my p**** with his thumb on my a******... it was amazing....

Nov 28, 2016

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  • Just in case you were wondering...........you are one of the sexiest women alive. DAMN!!

  • I'd love to join you sometime...

  • Dirtyperv75 kick

  • Just another cheating w****, its not something you should be overly proud of. Why not show an ounce of class and leave your boyfriend instead of f****** around on him.

  • I feel like a s*** bit I love it

  • He's coming over again tonight and i'm getting so excited I can't function...I forgot to add in my earlier post that after he let me bounce on him earlier on in the afternoon he then left for a couple of hours... during the time he was gone I f***** my bf and came twice...

  • Wow! So hot

  • How do i get in contact with you

  • Why rusty21? Are you interested??

  • He's desperate to lose his virginity?

  • That is so sexy. You are 100 percent all woman. You should have deep kissed your boyfriend after you went down on him

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