Punishment to male house maid.

The male house maid in my house is sincere,hardworking, truthful,loyal but little bit sluggish,slow,tardy and obtuse for which he often gets many scolding from me and my wife.
Once he did not finish ironing my dress in time for which I missed my important business appointment.
Returnin home I shouted and blamed him for my loss and told him that he must get punishment for this.
In depression and stress that evening I took some hard drinks....and also offered him some pegs.
With in two pegs he went into sky and started nonsense talk.
Reminding him about what sort of punishment he should get, he responded me at once --" MASTER come and sit on my chest till you want"

That was very unexpected....but I agreed to it....and asked him to lie down on his back.
I carefully sat on his chest....being it was my first experience....I feel it very good....I was feeling his heartbeats through my ass and cocci region....He asked me to move ahead on his upper chest c** neck and started to sniff my d***.
Spontaneously I took out my p**** out of my brief and crammed into his mouth.
He madly started to suck it....and within few minutes his mouth was overflooded by my c**......

I liked this way of getting discharged....
Knowing his hidden fetish U now urged or induced him to go for this atleast once in a week for which he is not reluctant and always ready to go for this.

Am I morally correct?

Dec 1, 2016

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  • The broken English makes this so difficult to decipher. Also what the f*** is up with chest and belly sitting ad a fetish? Are you more likely to crave it if a bully does it early in life. I don't get sitting fetishes

  • You wear a dress?

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