Period s**

My girlfriend never wants to be touched at that time of the month but i love the feeling. its so warm and so slick feels better then her normal wetness. some times i can get her to let me in the mornings n i come so quick she feels so good.

Dec 2, 2016

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  • It should not matter what she wants.

  • It doesn't matter what you think, your opinion is irrelevant, just like you're!!!

  • It's biological , it's a woman's most fertile time . Pheromones.

  • I know so why don't they want s** at this time?

  • Your woman is one woman, she is different from every other woman. Ask your woman why she doesn't like b***** sexual intercourse. Just because she doesn't, doesn't mean every other woman doesn't. One woman's opinion, doesn't account for the majority of women's. Everyone is different.

    I personally feel disgusting and hormonal when I'm menstruating. So why would I want my man to duck my b***** p**** and get his c***, saturated with my mess!! It's not sexually appealing and a turn on for me. And it's not a turn on, for my man either.

  • You are the Licker of C****(one that licks...)...

  • Same for me. I wish more women would allow in during the flow.

  • Idiotic ass!! I wish more men, could actually make a woman o*****

  • Shut up

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