My Cousin raped me

It happened quite Long ago but I can never forget it. So my cousins and I were pretty close. When I was 12 or 13, everyone was already growing up. One day, we were having a family gathering. My Cousin told me to follow him upstairs. He asked where my room is and innocent me decided to lead him there. I gave him a room tour. My Cousin sat on the bed as he watched me. I decided to sit down next to him. At first it was a normal conversation. Then he took out some sort of sweet and asked it I wanted it. I agreed, he asked me to lay on my back. And went to the other side of the bed and spread open my legs. I did not understand what was happening then. He then slide of my pants and underwear. At this stage, I was so shock and speechless. He then licked my Clint. After that, he sat in front of me and said that in some countries, the woman would suck the guys d***. I was so shock and speechless. He asked it I wanted to try it and I of course shakes my head. He then took off his pants and asked if I would rub his d*** for him. I did not know why I did it. Then he pushed me to the side and fingered me. After that, he left, leaving the sweet that he promised me on the bed. I sat there dumb founded. Feeling totally disappointed and disgusted wth myself. I washed my private area again and again, hoping to wash everything off. The next week, our family had a family gathering. He once again led me to my bedroom. I followed him as I was so afraid as I worry he would tell my parents. Then in the room, he asked if I knew what s** was. I said I have heard of it but is not too sure. He then asked me to run his d*** again and this time, I was so mad at him that I did it harder and Super fast. A sticky white liquid came out. He wiped it off the floor and left. It happened the last time with I was hanging out with my Favourite Cousin. I was watching a show on my ipad when he came in. My Cousin asked what he wanted and he just sat there. He used his phone until my Cousin got up to use the bathroom. He then locked the door and came on TOP of me. I was lying on my tummy watching the show. I just froze there continuing to watch the show as if nothing had happened. He then slide his hand inside of my tights and stroke my Clint at first, then fingered me. It continued for a while as I lay there pretending nothing was happening. Then, my other Cousin came back from the toilet and tried opening the door. He quickly got up and wiped his finger. Then he opened the door and let her in. She asked why he locked the door but he just said why can't I? I just lay there pretending nothing was happening. That was the last time. Now we are pretty close again and I still pretended nothing was happening. I have not told my parents as I was too embarrassed.



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  • I dont think she is as niave as she pretended to be. I would have penetrated you deeply ansd flooded your young womb with sperm...multiple times

  • That's not rape. He didn't penetrate you with his disgusting phallus. However, he did violate you, without your consent.

    You should report him. But it seems like, you won't.

    You appeared to be a naive 12 year old. When I was 12, I was extremely mature for my age. I would've told my parents, if my cousin tried to molest me.
    I would've beat his ass, if he even tried! I've attended MMA since I was 5 and I'm good at it.

  • How long ago was this? How old are you guys now?

  • You obviously liked it.

  • It's not obvious! Maybe to you it is, because you have a SICK mind!

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